How to Install Open Surge Game on Ubuntu – 2D Retro Platformer

Open Surge is a free open source 2D retro platformer type game for Linux, Windows, MacOS and Android. This game is heavily influenced by Sonic games. This game also comes with a game engine. You can use this to create new levels in the game. It’s not just levels, items, bosses, gameplay mechanics, playable characters, special abilities with built-in level editors and game engines. Written in C and Allegro libraries and released under GPL-3.0 + license. This is a really fun game for all ages.

Install Open Surge 2D Retro Platformer on Ubuntu.

Open Surge is available as a snap package for Ubuntu. You can install from Ubuntu terminal. Open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), type the following command and press Enter.

sudo snap install opensurge

Next, enter your Ubuntu password and press Enter. Install the latest version of the Open Surge 2D Retro Platformer game on Ubuntu. Once you have successfully installed Open Surge 2D Retro Platformer on Ubuntu, click on the Ubuntu Gnome Dock show application, type “opensurge” in the search box and click on opensurge to open it.

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If you like the terminal method, run this command to start an open surge on ubuntu.


Android development is still in beta. You can use keyboard or joystick to play this game.

The keys and their actions are: arrow keys for moving, space for jumping, enter key for pausing the game, Esc key for ending the game, Ctrl key for switching characters, and for opening the level editor The F12 key.