How to install open-vm-tools

Open Virtual Machine Tools (open-vm-tools) is an open source implementation of VMware Tools. They are a set of guest operating system virtualization components that enhance the performance and user experience of virtual machines. When running a virtual server on a VMware virtualization host, you should install open-vm-tools or VMware tools.

This tutorial has been tested on the following Linux distributions:

Debian Linux 9 (Extended)
Debian Linux 8 (Jesse)
Debian Linux 7 (Wheezy)

Last updated:
March 27, 2018

VMware recommends using open-vm-tools instead of the VMware tools outlined in this article. The benefits of using open-vm-tools include improved stability, as the package is optimized for each distribution and automatically updates a smaller footprint.

Installing open-vm-tools on Debian Linux is very easy, just use apt-get to install the package and restart the machine when done.

1. Install the open-vm-tools package

apt-get install open-vm-tools

2. Restart the machine


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