How to install Opera browser on Ubuntu

Opera is a free chrome-based web browser provided by Opera software for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux. It comes with some interesting features such as built-in VPN, ad blocker, crypto wallet, battery saver, and workspace features. Some other features are search pop-ups, video pop-outs, personal news. Easy to install on Ubuntu OS. In this article, we will install Opera Browser on Ubuntu via deb and snap.

Install Opera on Ubuntu

You can install Opera Browser on Ubuntu via native deb package file and snap package.

Install opera via deb.

Download Opera browser

Go to the Opera download page above, download your browser with the deb package file and save it in your downloads folder. You can modify the following commands based on the downloaded Opera file name. For me it is “opera-stable_70.0.3728.95_amd64.deb”. After that, open the terminal application (ctrl + alt + t) and execute the following commands one by one.

cd Downloads
sudo dpkg -i opera-stable_70.0.3728.95_amd64.deb

Enter the ubuntu user password and replace “opera-stable_70.0.3728.95_amd64.deb” with the filename.

sudo apt install -f

Install Opera via Snap.

You can also install Opera Browser via Snap. Run this command in your terminal.

sudo snap install opera

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