How to install Pencil2D on Ubuntu – 2D hand-drawn animation maker

Pencil2D is a free and open source hand-drawn 2D animated cartoon maker for Windows, MacOS, FreeBSD and Linux. You can use it to create bitmap and vector graphics cartoons. Easily switch between raster and vector workflows with this lightweight, easy-to-use 2D hand-drawn animation maker. You can export animations as video and GIF files, and you can also import sounds with this software. Released under the GNU General Public License v2.0 license.

Install Pencil2D animation on Ubuntu

Pencil2D 2D hand-drawn animation maker can be installed on Ubuntu using portable AppImage format. Go to the Pencil2D download link and download the latest version of Pencil2D in .AppImage format based on the OS architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).

Download Pencil2D

Here, the default download location is the “Download” folder, and the downloaded file name is “pencil2d-linux-amd64-0.6.4.AppImage”. The size of the downloaded file is about 40MB. You can modify the following commands based on the download path and file name. Open the terminal app (Ctrl + Alt + T) and navigate to the download path using the following command:

cd Downloads

Next, make the file executable by running the following command: Enter your ubuntu password if needed.

sudo chmod +x ~ pencil2d-linux-amd64-0.6.4.AppImage

Finally, execute this command to start Pencil2D 2D hand-drawn animation maker on Ubuntu. that’s all.

sudo ./pencil2d-linux-amd64-0.6.4.AppImage

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