How to install Pick on Ubuntu – Free Color Picker Tool

Pick is a free and open source color picker for Linux.Using this your can pick color from your screen and it remembers the selected color, gives a names for that color and shows as a list of screenshot.Using this screenshot it will help you to find and remember where you got the color from.It is a easy to use tool.Start the Pick and click the picker button and pick the color from your screen.It is released under MIT License.

Install Pick Color Picker on Ubuntu:

You can install Pick Color Picker via the snappy package on Ubuntu.Open your terminal app (ctrl + alt + t) and type the below Pick Color Picker snap installation command and press the enter key.

sudo snap install pick-colour-picker

Type your Ubuntu password to confirm the Pick Color Picker installation.It will install Pick Color Picker on your Ubuntu.To start Pick Color Picker run this command in terminal.


You can also start Pick Color Picker by clicking the show applications button in your Ubuntu Gnome dock and type Pick in the search box and click Pick.

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