How to install Qttitude on Ubuntu-create a Qt stylesheet

Qttitude is a free open source Qt stylesheet creator for Linux and Windows. You can use it to create stylesheets for Qt-based applications and test them in your app’s user interface. This Qttitude application allows you to import user interface files (* .ui files) for Qt applications. Then start the style sheet style and see the visual changes in real time. Supports named variables, snippets and exports as text files. You can split the stylesheet into multiple pages and reorder or turn specific pages on or off for testing. A color scheme creation tool for creating colors is included.

Install Qttitude Qt Stylesheet Creator on Ubuntu.

You can easily install Qttitude Qt Stylesheet Creator using Ubuntu’s portable installer. Navigate to the download link of the Qttitude Qt stylesheet creator below. Also download the Ubuntu version of Qttitude from the download link.

Download Qttitude [Linux]

The downloaded file is in zip format and the size is about 6MP. Then right-click on it and select Extract here. Next, right-click the Qttitude program file in the linux folder and select Run to launch the Qttitude Qt stylesheet creation application on Ubuntu.

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This app is still in its early stages of development, but looks promising.


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