How to Install Shortwave on Ubuntu – Internet Radio Player

Shortwave is a free open source internet radio player for Linux. You can use it to find and listen to your favorite Internet radio stations on your desktop. I use a radio browser. info is a community station database released under the GNU General Public License v3 license. It has an automatic song recognition function and can be saved individually in the app. Play shortwave audio on supported network devices, including Google Chromecast support. It also comes with Radio support for importing stations.

Install Shortwave Internet Radio Player on Ubuntu.

Shortwave internet radio player is available as a flat pack for Ubuntu. You need to download and set up the flatpak and flathub repositories on Ubuntu. Follow the tutorial below to install and set up a flatpack and flathub on Ubuntu.

How to install Flatpack on Ubuntu:

Then open the terminal app (ctrl + alt + t) on Ubuntu. Next, enter the following Shortwave Internet Radio Player flatpak installation command and press Enter.

flatpak install flathub de.haeckerfelix.Shortwave

During installation, you will be asked to confirm the installation of Shortwave Internet Radio Player. Press y to enter. Then double check and install the Shortwave Internet Radio Player on your Ubuntu system. You can start Shortwave by executing the following command in the terminal.

flatpak run de.haeckerfelix.Shortwave

You can uninstall Shortwave Internet Radio Player using the following command:

sudo flatpak uninstall de.haeckerfelix.Shortwave

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