How to Install Simple Budget on Ubuntu – Envelope Style Personal Finance Software

Simple Budget is free, open source, offline envelope-style personal finance and budgeting software for Linux and Windows. Use this to track your monthly spending and savings. Includes transaction entry, transaction reconciliation, budgeting process, reports, and graphs. This system allows you to add funds, accounts, payees, and transactions. Released under the open source GPL-3.0 + license. A very simple and easy to use budgeting application for users.

Install Simple Budget on Ubuntu.

This simple budget personal finance software is available as an Ubuntu snap package. You can install from ubuntu terminal. Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and execute the simple budget install command for this snap package.

sudo snap install simplebudget

Next, enter the ubuntu password if required. Install Simple Budget Personal Finance software on Ubuntu.

Next, execute the following command.

sudo snap connect simplebudget:cups-control :cups-control

You can print with this software. Once installed on the terminal, run this launch command to start a simple budget.


that’s all.

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