How to install Sweet Home 3D 6.5 on Ubuntu 20.04

Free interior design software SweetHome3D6.5 was released a few days ago. Here’s how to install it on Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 20.10, Linux Mint 19.x, and 20.x.

according to Release notes, SweetHome3D 6.5 Features:

  • AzulOpenJDK 11.0.10 bundle for 64-bit Windows for better HiDPI support.
  • AzulOpenJDK 15.0.2 bundle for MacOSX ≥ 10.9. It supports notarization and Apple’s new M1 processor.
  • JOGL library updated to 2.4RC20210111
  • [バージョン情報]Shows the Java runtime and Java 3D version in a dialog.
  • New options in furniture and texture library editor
  • Add a new example to the gallery. It shows a house with pillars built on a small hill along the lake.

How to install Sweet Home 3D 6.5 on Ubuntu:

First, the software provides Linux portable and jar packages sourceforge page..

Sweet Home 3D can also be installed and updated via the Flathub repository.

1. Set up the Flatpak framework on Ubuntu.

First open a terminal from the system application launcher. Once open, run the command to install flatpak.

sudo apt install flatpak

Then run the following command to add the flathub repository.

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

2. Install the Sweet Home 3D Flat Pack package.

To install the package, run the command in your terminal.

flatpak install flathub com.sweethome3d.Sweethome3d

To update the flatpak package, run the following command:

flatpak update com.sweethome3d.Sweethome3d

Once installed, you can launch the software from the “View Applications” menu and have fun!


To uninstall the Sweet Home 3D flatpak package, run the command in your terminal.

flatpak uninstall com.sweethome3d.Sweethome3d

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