How to Install Taskbook on Ubuntu – Best Command Line Task Management & Note-taking App

Taskbook is a free and open source task management and note taking app for Linux, MacOS and Windows. This is a simple but powerful command line terminal app that allows you to manage tasks and notes across multiple boards. You can view tasks and notes in the board and timeline views. You can configure the Taskbook app by saving the data stored in the ~ / .taskbook.json and JSON files to the ~ / .taskbook / storage file. Some of the key features are atomic storage, task priorities, task favorites, task and note search and filter, and deleted task and note recovery. It is released under the MIT license.

Install the Taskbook Task Management & Note Taking app on Ubuntu.

You can install taskbook task management and node creation apps via Ubuntu’s snap and node package manager.

Install the taskbook via snap.

Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and run this Taskbook snap install command.

sudo snap install taskbook

Enter the Ubuntu password. This will install the latest taskbook on your Ubuntu system.

Install the taskbook via npm.

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First, you need to install node and npm on Ubuntu. Follow the installation tutorial links below.

How to install Node.js and npm using NVM on Ubuntu

Then run this command to install the Taskbook node package.

npm install --global taskbook

Using the taskbook:

You can list all tasks with the following command.


To create a task

tb --task First Task

Complete list:

tb display board view
tb –archive Show archived items
tb-begin task start / pause
tb –check task check / uncheck
tb –clear delete all checked items
tb –copy Copy product description
tb –delete delete item
tb – edit edit item description
tb – find Find items
tb –help show help message
tb – list item by list attribute
tb –move Move items between boards
tb –note create notes
tb –priority Update task priority
tb –restore restore items from archive
tb –star Star / item to remove the star
tb-task Create task
tb –timeline show timeline view
tb –version show installed version

tb --help

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