How to install TeamViewer on Ubuntu 20.04

TeamViewer is a cross-platform proprietary application that allows users to remotely connect to workstations, transfer files and conduct online meetings from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection. It can run on a variety of devices, such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.

TeamViewer comes in handy, especially when troubleshooting PC problems in inaccessible or remote areas.

In this tutorial, we will guide you how to install TeamViewer on Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop. You can install TeamViewer through the command line or using the graphical installer in two ways.

Install Teamviewer on Ubuntu (command line)

To install TeamViewer, first download the TeamViewer .deb software package. To do this, open Terminal and run the following wget command.

$ wget

Download teamviewer

After downloading the Debian package of TeamViewer, execute the following command to install teamviewer.

$ sudo apt install ./teamviewer_amd64.deb

Install Teamviewer on Ubuntu

You will be prompted [Y/n] Options. Type “Y” and press Enter to continue the installation.

Start TeamViewer

After the installation is complete, you can now start Teamviewer. If you choose to start TeamViewer through the command line, you can run this command to achieve.

$ teamviewer

In addition, you can launch the TeamViewer application menu as shown.

Team viewer

After clicking the TeamViewer icon, a pop-up license agreement will be displayed. To continue, click Accept the license agreement Button.

Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu

After accepting the license agreement, TeamViewer will be launched as follows.

TeamViewer display

As you can see, it has an attractive visual display and features for connecting to a remote system at the other end, such as ID and password.

Install TeamViewer using the graphical installer

Installing software through the user interface is very easy. First, we must download Teamviewer .deb Software package, and then use the installation software to install.

Download the .deb installation package from the official website of TeamViewer. On the page, select the Ubuntu, Debian version, and then click the 64-bit package. A window will pop up as shown below.

Download teamviewer

Select Save the archive, Then click OK to save the file in the download folder.

In the download folder, you will see the Teamviewer .deb package. Right-click the package, and on the drop-down menu, select “Open with other applications.” Select on in the window that appears, open the software installation, and then click the select button.

Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu

When you click Select, it will take you to a new window for installing the software. You will see something like this.

Install teamviewer on Ubuntu

Click the install button. An authentication dialog will pop up, prompting you to enter a password to allow the installation. Provide your password and click the authentication button. Then the installation process will begin.

After installing Teamviewer, a display similar to this will appear on the window.

Teamviewer after installation

To start TeamViewer, simply go to the application menu and type Teamviewer. Then click the TeamViewer application icon to open it.

Uninstall TeamViewer

To upgrade TeamViewer to the latest version, you must first uninstall the old version from the command line or GUI and then download the latest version from the site.

If you want to uninstall TeamViewer and some configuration that may have been done, just run this command.

$ sudo apt purge teamviewer

In addition, you can delete Teamviewer without deleting any configuration.

$ sudo apt remove teamviewer

umimstall TeamViewer

You will be prompted [Y/n] Option, insert “Y” and press Enter to continue. Now, Teamviewer will be uninstalled.

Uninstall TeamViewer from the GUI

It is very easy to delete TeamViewer through the user interface. On the desktop activity, click the Ubuntu software application. When it opens, click the installed tab in the middle of the other two tabs at the top of the window. Then find the Teamviewer application.

You will notice that each installed application has a “Delete” button in front of it. In this case, click the “Delete” button in front of the TeamViewer application.

Remove TeamViewer

A pop-up window will appear on the screen asking if you are sure you want to remove the software. Click the Delete button, and then authentication will be displayed, asking for a password. Enter the password and click Authentication to allow the installation.

in conclusion

The user interface has always been considered simple and easy to use, but the use of the terminal is quite fast. In this tutorial, we introduced two methods that can be used to install Teamviewer on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

If you encounter a black screen on a remote computer, it is recommended not to make any suggestions, and reinstalling in some cases can solve this problem.

If you are looking for Team Viewer alternative products, you can consider Anydesk, RealVNC, dwservice, I can introduce in some other tutorials.