How to install the open-source strategy game Battle for Wesnoth on Debian 10

The Battle for Wesnoth is an open-source turn-based strategy game with a fantastic theme. It includes both single and multiplayer online game.

On the official website of Battle for Wesnoth 1.14 is the latest version. If you want to get this version instead of version 1.12 available in the official Debian repository, follow the steps described in this article.

We ran the commands and procedures mentioned in this article on a Debian 10 system.

Battle of Wesnoth Installation

Open the Debian command line, Terminal, through Application Launch Search as follows:

In this article, we will use the Flatpak utility to install the game from the Flathub repository.

To install the latest available version of software from online storage, your local storage index must match it. Run the following command as sudo to update the local repository index:

$ sudo apt-get update

Refresh Package Lists

Please note that only an authorized user can add, remove and configure software in Debian.

Then enter the following command to install Flatpak if it is not already installed on your system:

$ sudo apt-get install flatpak

Install Flatpack

The system prompts you to enter Y / n to confirm the start of the installation procedure. Type Y, then press Enter. The installation process will begin, which may take some time depending on the speed of your Internet. Flatpak will be installed on your system.

The next step is to add the Flathub repository containing the latest Battle for Wesnoth package using the following command:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Add Flathub Repository

Flathub repository is now added to your system.

Finally, enter the following command to install the latest version of the game:

$ flatpak install flathub org.wesnoth.Wesnoth

Set the Battle for Wesnath with Flathub

Enter Y to start the installation procedure. The Battle for Wesnoth package is quite large in size and may take a little longer depending on the speed of your internet. Please be a little patient and the game will be installed on your system.

Remarks: If Battle for Wesnoth is already installed on your system and you want to get the latest version from the Internet, run the following command:

$ flatpak update org.wesnoth.Wesnoth

Launch the battle for Wesnoth

If you want to start the game using the command line, you can enter the following command in the Terminal:

$ flatpak run org.wesnoth.Wesnoth

Or, use the Application Launcher search as follows to find and then launch the game:

Battle of Wesnoth Icon

Here’s what the game should look like:

The version number is in the lower left corner of the screen. You can see that we were able to download and run the latest version through Flathub.


If you ever want to remove the Battle for Wesnoth package installed through Flatpak, you can use the following command:

$ flatpak remove org.wesnoth.Wesnoth

You can then remove Flatpak if you need with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get remove flatpak

Remove Flatpack

Now you are one step ahead of users who install the game through the official Debian repositories. Enjoy the game!

How to install the open-source strategy game Battle for Wesnoth on Debian 10