How to install Trigger Rally Racing Game – Trigger Rally on Ubuntu

Trigger Rally is a free, open source, fast paced racing game for Linux and Windows. Released under the GNU General Public License version 2.0. It comes with over 200 great maps and you can also download additional and additional maps as plugins. A single player racing game. Each race must exceed the time limit and the next event will be unlocked. It also comes with different terrain materials such as soil, asphalt, sand and ice, and different weather, light and fog conditions. Co-driver voice memos and co-driver icons are also available on some maps.

Install Trigger Rally on Ubuntu

Trigger Rally is available as a Ubuntu snap package. You can easily install from the terminal app. Open the terminal software. It can be opened by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T. Then run this trigger rally snap install command.

sudo snap install trigger-rally-ogra

If necessary, enter the Ubuntu user password for confirmation. You can search it from the application list or open it with the following command in the terminal.


Also available in the Ubuntu Universe repository. If you don’t like snapping, you can also install it with the following command:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install trigger-rally

that’s it.

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