How to install vnstat network traffic monitoring tool on Ubuntu

vnstat is a free and open source network traffic bandwidth monitoring tool for Linux and BSD. Released under the GPLv2 license. It uses the kernel as a source of information and lightly uses system resources. Traffic details are basically available in 5 minutes, hourly, daily, monthly, weekly, yearly, first day. You can also get live traffic details. A simple and easy-to-use tool. You do not need to have root access to get the details.

Install vnstat on Ubuntu.

You can install the vnstat network traffic monitoring tool via the default Ubuntu package manager. Open the Terminal Console App (Ctrl + Alt + T) and run this command to update the software source list.

sudo apt update

Enter the user password. Then run the vnstat install command.

sudo apt install vnstat

Then start the vnstat service with the following command:

sudo systemctl enable --now vnstat

Wait a few minutes (5 minutes), then run this command to use vnStat to monitor and display the bandwidth of your network traffic.


It may take a while for the traffic details to appear. Otherwise you will get.

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enp0s3: Not enough data yet.“error. here enp0s3 This is my network interface.

You can use this command to check the network interface.

ip addr

For more information on using vnstat,

vnstat --help

View live usage details.

vnstat -l

You can stop it by pressing Ctrl + C

You can use this command to view daily usage.

vnstat -d

It’s a sequel.