How to install Xfce Desktop 4.16 on Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 20

Xfce Desktop 4.16 was announced as a new major release a few days ago. Here’s how to install it on Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 20 for testing.

Xfce 4.16 Features include:

  • New icons and palette
  • The new default application dialog merges the Mime Settings dialog with the Preferred Applications dialog
  • Improved HiDPI support with fractional scaling
  • Other default keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added pause button to Thunar’s file copy and move dialog
  • Dark panel mode (enabled by default)
  • The new “Status Tray” plugin is a combination of both traditional Systray and Status Notifier.
  • The new About dialog displays basic system information.
  • Improved power manager settings and more.

How to install Xfce 4.16 on Ubuntu:

So far, the only easy way to get a desktop package is “Xubuntu Developers” Team QA Staging PPA ..

As mentioned, PPA packages are primarily intended for testing. Use at your own risk!

1.) Open a terminal from the system application launcher. Once open, run the command to add the PPA.

                      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/staging

Enter the user password for the sudo prompt (without asterisk feedback) and press Enter to continue.

2.) For XUbuntu and Linux Mint Xfce Edition, install the available system updates via your package manager or by running a command.

                      sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade

Otherwise, install the Xfce desktop with the following command:

                      sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop

Uninstall Xfce 4.16:

For XUbuntu and Linux Mint Xfce Edition, run the command to purge the PPA. This will downgrade the Xfce package to the stock version.

                      sudo apt install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge ppa:xubuntu-dev/staging

To remove the “Xubuntu Developers” team PPA, run the following command:

                      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/staging

To completely remove the xfce package (not recommended for XUbuntu and Linux Mint Xfce), run the following command:

                      sudo apt remove --auto-remove '~nxubuntu*' '~nxfce4*' '~nthunar*' atril-common brltty-x11 tumbler-common

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