How to install XFile Explorer XFE on Ubuntu

The X-Files Explorer or XFE is a free open source file manager for Linux. A lightweight, easy-to-use Linux file manager based on the old X WinCommander. Released under the open source GNU General Public License. The only requirement for XFE is the FOX library. It also comes with command line support. It comes with an integrated RPM / DEB package installer, uninstaller, test editor, image viewer, and four file manager modes.

Other important features include drag-and-drop support, custom shell scripts, trash cans, device mount / dismount, bookmarks, and theme support. You can use XFE to create archives and extract archives.

Install XFE on Ubuntu

The X-Files Explorer is available in the ubuntu software repository. You can install it from the terminal app (ctrl + alt + t). Open the terminal app and execute the following command.

sudo apt update

Enter the password for the Ubuntu user. It updates the ubuntu software source list. Then run it under the XFE installation command.

sudo apt install xfe

Install the latest X-Files Explorer on Ubuntu. You can display all application menus or open them with the following command.


that’s all.

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