How to Install Zangband on Ubuntu – Free Rogue-like Games

Zangband is a free roguelike single player adventure dungeon simulator command line ASCII game for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Zangband is another variant of the roguelike game Angband. In this game you have to select race, class and magical area to create a character. Collect useful items such as consumables, weapons, armor, and magical devices during the game. Comes with over 100 levels. Other similar roguelike games include Shattered Pixel Dungeon, Dungeon Crawlstone Soup, Tales of May Ayal, and Lambda Rogue.

Install the Zangband game on Ubuntu.

The Zangband dungeon game is available on the Ubuntu official repository. It can be installed on your system.

First, run the following command to update the system software source.

sudo apt update

Enter the ubuntu user password and then run the following Zangband install command.

sudo apt install zangband

During the installation process, press y to confirm and press Enter. Zangband games can be run in the following ways


For complete usage

zangband -h

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