How to make sure that background checks will not let your job interview

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Background checks are and will remain a key component of any job interview. The type of inspection depends on the location. Credit checks are important for positions with broad financial responsibilities.Use something like Relevant information. For example, it seems that you are likely to check your credit history:

  • A job that includes access to classified employee data
  • Including accounting, banking or cash handling positions
  • Senior executive positions with many responsibilities

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Credit check

US News reported that nearly three-quarters of all employers were screened as part of the pre-employment verification.Nearly one third These screenings include checking the candidate’s credit. However, your credit history is far from decisive: two-thirds of employers will give applicants the opportunity to explain why their credit is not so good before deciding whether to approve or disagree.

It is worthwhile to have a good understanding of your credit history. Visit and request a free credit report, which you can get from TransUnion, Equifax or Experian. These are the three main credit reporting agencies. You can have a free report a year.

Read it in detail and correct the error before correcting the promising candidacy. You will be surprised how often errors occur. A FTC study showed that 20% of Americans found errors in their credit reports, which had a negative impact on their credit records. Moreover, this is an error in the report of one of the major agencies.

How to protect yourself

If your employer decides not to hire you because of your financial history, you must provide you with a copy of the report. They are obliged to provide a summary of your rights to clarify how to contact the agency that issued the report. In addition, you will receive a notice about your right to dispute the completeness or accuracy of any information provided by the credit reporting agency.

Can I accept an interview with a criminal record?

In some areas, a clean record will not help. Candidates who have committed violent crimes or crimes related to sexual behavior, cybercrime, mental health issues, or addiction do not have the opportunity to obtain high-level security checks. As a job seeker, you still have some protection. Before conducting a background check, your potential employer must ask for your consent in writing. When it comes to criminal history, you also have the right to obtain a copy of the report.

What about the bad driving record?

Prospective employers should not regard some movement violations or speeding tickets as red flags. However, work that requires driving requires clean records. Obviously, if there are violations in your driving record, you will be at risk, and no company is willing to take the responsibility. An accident while working in the company may have legal or financial impact on them. Be prepared to explain whether your DMV records include DUI fees.


Finally, a more in-depth pre-employment background investigation will reveal bankruptcy applications. However, the company actually does not see the cause of bankruptcy. You are responsible for telling the interviewer what your problem is and what you have done to get back on your feet. Again, this is not very important for work that does not involve money processing.More importantly, most employers are aware of unforeseen events, such as Medical problemOr the accident leads to bankruptcy. However, this conversion is best one-to-one.

Our final decision

Conducting a background check has never made anyone happy. That is true. Even older and more experienced job applicants may worry about potential employers viewing their personal data. To make sure your history is as clean as you think, you can check yourself before the interview. As long as you are prepared to provide a convincing explanation for any unpleasantness, it will be obvious. Once this is done, you can proceed. Your job skills and qualifications are the most important, so please emphasize why you are the most suitable person.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose