How to Make the Mobile Screen Not Turn Off When You Look at It

Among all the benefits that come to new mobile phones and software versions, there is a really useful one that allows us to control the mobile screen with our eyes . For now it has not been integrated into all mobiles but it represents a great advance to a problem that many of us have encountered, when we are reading something on the mobile and the established time passes that causes the screen to lock itself.

The solution is gradually reaching manufacturers, who little by little are encouraged to integrate an option that has already passed the testing phases and we should continue to see more mobile phones over the next few months and the new versions. An option that will forever change the way you use your mobile.

How can you tell the mobile when we look at it?

The operation of this system is very simple and does not require specific hardware, you just need to operate the front camera for a short second and you can see if our eyes are still paying attention to the mobile . Since the vast majority of mobiles integrate the front camera at the top of the screen, this does not imply any effort for the mobile that without our realizing it can check it.

Facial recognition through the sensors is also another mechanism that can be useful to improve this system that prevents turning off the screen when looking at it , but nevertheless for now all the manufacturers that have integrated it have taken it forward based on the selfie camera of the smartphone.

Does it work with other people?

We can think that this system is based on facial recognition but nevertheless it is not the case, therefore it is not necessary for a face to be saved on the smartphone. Anyone to whom we lend our mobile phone can use the mode that keeps the screen on with their eyes for as long as it takes.

Make the screen look-on on Android

To get this system up and running, the first thing we need is a compatible mobile. This depends on the smartphone and in turn on the version of the software, in the case of Android for now there are few terminals that include the option, finding only the latest Google Pixel 4, 4a and Google Pixel 5 with this functionality. Other manufacturers like Motorola that use Android without customizations are also working on including it.

The steps to use it are very simple, because we only have to enter Settings> Screen> Attention to the screen and this option will start working once activated. Google itself explains that this option only requires the front camera and the images are not stored or used for any other purpose.

Smart Stay mode on Samsung to not turn off the screen

One of the first manufacturers to put its so-called Smart Stay to work was Samsung, which has been integrated into the company’s smartphones since the Samsung Galaxy S6. Its long history has allowed it to improve it little by little and prevent many users’ screens from turning off while looking at them.

In this case, the steps to follow are also basic, although the option is somewhat hidden: you have to enter Settings> Advanced functions> Movements and gestures> Activate Smart Stay.

Keeping your screen on with your gaze on Huawei

The Chinese firm Huawei was also encouraged in EMUI 10 and later versions to use an option to prevent the screen from turning off just by looking at it . It only requires the front camera and as in the rest of the cases, the process is simple: Settings> Accessibility functions> Smart detection> Activate the option “Keep the screen on while you are looking at it”.

And in the other mobiles?

For all those who do not have a Huawei, Samsung or Android Stock mobile, for now there is no option available that allows keeping the screen on with their eyes, they will only have to use a longer time until the screen turns off, something that is Find it in Settings> Display> Timeout. For the next versions of Android or the software, things could change and then this option will be extended more.

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