How to manually add menu items to GRUB2 menu on Arch Linux

During the process of setting Arch Linux as the primary operating system, I was faced with the task of adding a menu item to GRUB2 so that I can boot to the secondary operating system by selecting on the Grub2 menu to boot to the secondary operating system (Gentoo) . This feature works on any Linux distribution that you want to dual-boot with Arch Linux.

First, check the UUID of the root partition of the Linux operating system you want to add to the grub entry. Use blkid command:

sudo blkid

The Uuid of my Gentoo root partition is 242a7abb-3547-4504-a9f8-bfbc479a3f0e
Now install the root partiton for that Linux system and check the name of the executable Linux kernel under the / boot directory.
Once we have the two pieces of information we need, we can now configure the Grub menu items.

vim /etc/grub.d/40_custom

Then add the following lines according to your specifications.

menuentry "Gentoo Linux" {
    search --set=root --fs-uuid 242a7abb-3547-4504-a9f8-bfbc479a3f0e
  linux /boot/vmlinuz-* root=UUID=242a7abb-3547-4504-a9f8-bfbc479a3f0e rw  quiet

Replace 242a7abb-3547-4504-a9f8-bfbc479a3f0e with the uuid of the root partition you want to add and replace / boot / vmlinuz- * with the location of the executable linux file.
Then update grub to generate a new grub.conf file.

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

that’s it. When restarting, you should see the entry on the grub menu. You may also see:

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