How to monitor and view system statistics on Saidar – Install Saidar on Ubuntu

Saidar is a free open source command line system stats viewer for Linux. This is a curses-based application for displaying Linux system information. It is based on libstatgrab and you can use Saidar as a real-time system monitoring tool in your system. You can use this tool to see CPU, process, load, memory, swap, network I / O, disk I / O, and file system information. A simple and easy-to-use tool.

Install Saidar on Ubuntu

Saidar is available from the Ubuntu repository on Ubuntu Linux systems. Open the terminal software and run the following command to install it. To open the terminal, press ctrl + alt + t at the same time.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install saidar

If necessary, enter the Ubuntu user password during the installation. Once Saidar is successfully installed, run this command to open it.


If you want to display the system information in color, run this command. This will display the details in color on your device.

saidar -c

You can also change the system information update interval using the following command:

saidar -c -d 1

By default, the update interval is 3 seconds. Run this command in your terminal for usage details.

saidar -h

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