How to Order in the Apple Store Online: App and Website

If you are interested in buying an iPhone, iPad, Mac or any other product for sale at Apple, which includes third-party products compatible with these, you should know that it is possible to do so online. In this article we will tell you all about placing an order with Apple through its website or its application. The digital Apple Store works very well and has interesting aspects that, if you do not know them, you will be interested to know.

Advantages of buying Apple products online

Although buying in a physical Apple store is fast, safe and simple, you may be interested in knowing some of the advantages that we believe are most interesting of buying online, either through the company’s website or in its official application.

  • It is possible to place an order any day of the year and at any time.
  • Ease of the web and app interface.
  • Access to the entire Apple product catalog, including official and third-party accessories.
  • Know the characteristics of the product from the same page before making the purchase.
  • It is possible to configure to your liking quickly.
  • You can check the available stock to know the delivery period.
  • Secure payment methods, including Apple Pay.
  • Carry out the online financing process knowing first-hand the conditions.
  • Receipt of the order without having to leave home.
  • Possibility of picking up the order in a physical store.
  • Track the order at all times.

Orders through the Apple website

The official website of Apple will not only help you to know the information about the company or obtain information about the products, but it will also allow you to access the purchase of these.

Devices that can be used

The purchase process through the website can be done through any device that has a browser . In the field of Apple devices we find Mac, iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch, although in these last three it is more comfortable through the app as we will teach you in another section. It also highlights the possibility of doing it on Windows computers, an Android mobile or tablet, as well as other operating systems. Fulfilling this requirement of having access to the web, any device is valid for orders following this method.

Products for sale from the website

Once you enter the Apple website, you will see that at the top there are several product divisions. By clicking on any of them you will find access to information from that category, but also from the specific products that it offers within each one.

  • Mac
    • MacBook Air
    • Macbook pro
    • iMac
    • Mac Pro
    • Mac mini
    • Pro Display XDR
    • Accessories
  • iPad
    • iPad Pro
    • iPad Air
    • iPad
    • iPad mini
    • Apple Pencil
    • Keyboards
    • AirPods
    • Accessories
  • iPhone
    • iPhone
    • AirPods
    • Accessories
  • Watch
    • Apple watch
    • straps
    • AirPods
    • Accessories
  • TV
    • Apple tv
    • HomePod
    • Accessories
  • Music
    • AirPods
    • HomePod
    • ipod touch
    • Beats
    • Music accessories

As you will see, some products such as AirPods are in several categories because they are suitable for any of the categories that it encompasses. As for accessories, by clicking on the section of each one of them, you will at the end reach a page where you can choose by compatibility filters and other parameters.

Procedure to follow

Once you choose the product you want and click on ” buy ” you will see several options available depending on the product. In the case of an iPhone you will choose its color and capacity, on a Mac you can configure other sections such as RAM. In any case, the steps to follow are very intuitive. When you get to the payment you will find these options:

  • Monthly payments
  • Cash

The first one will allow you to access the financing of the product if you want to pay it in installments. The second will be to pay it in full at the time. Once you have everything you must click on ” Add to bag “.

The shopping bag is in the upper right part of the page and by clicking on it you will be able to see all the chosen products and pay for them. Once you have done this, you can either log in with your Apple ID or continue as a guest, the first option being preferable for convenience.

There are two shipping options: store pickup or home delivery. Both options are completely free and you only have to select the store that is most convenient for you to go to or, failing that, enter the data related to the address you want it to be sent to. If you bought as a guest you will have to enter data such as your name, email, telephone number or ID. Final payment can be made by debit or credit card or through Apple Pay.

Purchases in the Apple Store app

The application, despite having a different interface to the web, contains exactly the same products to choose from for purchase, as well as the information. Therefore, for practical purposes it is irrelevant to make a purchase through the website or this one.

Where is the application downloaded?

Apple Store, which is what the app is called emulating the name of the company’s physical stores, is available in the App Store (yes, the App Store and the Apple Store sound similar, but they are not the same). Its download is free and can be done from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch .

Apple Store Developer: Apple

Buy through the app

The Apple Store app is divided into the following sections:

  • Buy: section where you will find the main products with direct access to their configuration for later purchase.
  • Sessions: access to the Today At Apple workshops, which have nothing to do with the purchase process as such.
  • For you: recommendations based on your previous purchases.
  • Search: tab in which you can manually search for a product to buy.
  • Bag: place where all the products added for purchase will appear.

Regardless of the product you have bought and the place from which you have sent it to the bag, you will have to go precisely to this last tab to make the final step. You will have the same options at the end as explained in the section of the website.

How to track your order

Once you have placed the order, you will receive an email from Apple to the email you provided during the purchase. Through this route, you will be notified of every stage of the shipping process, as well as the possible cancellation of this if there has been a problem with the payment or the financing has not been accepted.

In any case, you can track it from the Apple website , either by entering the order number and associated email or with your Apple ID if you linked it during the purchase process. Once you get to the section of your orders, you must click on the one you want to consult and you will access all the information of this, from when it is received until it is delivered, going through previous phases such as its processing or preparation.

If you wish, you can also check it through the previously discussed Apple Store app. If the order is recent, a direct access to your information will appear in the “For you” tab. If not, you must click on your photo at the top right and click on “Orders”.

If you want to know the courier service that is going to send it to you, you will see that a link called “Follow delivery” appears on the web, which will redirect you to the web of the service in question. This link will also appear in the app.

It should be noted that you can only track products purchased directly from Apple in these channels. You will not be able to consult those made in a Premium Reseller or in any other store . Although these are Apple products as well, in the end it is not the company that is selling it to you and you should consult these providers how to keep track of it.

Why didn’t Apple charge you for the order?

It is possible that you have placed an order, that it has been accepted and that despite everything you have not been charged. Far from assuming that it has been given to you or worrying that it will not reach you, keep in mind that the payment is generally issued when you have already received the product. What Apple will do is withhold that amount of money in case, if necessary, it has to return it to you if the product does not reach you.

How to cancel an order with Apple

There is a period of time in which the order is processed in which you can cancel the purchase from the aforementioned shipment tracking sections. Of course, once it is processed you will not be able to do anything. If you no longer want the product, you will have to return it when it arrives by requesting it from Apple through the web, app or by phone if necessary.

Get an invoice from Apple for an online purchase

The invoice for any order will always reach you by email within a few days of receiving the product. Therefore, you will not have to worry about requesting it, although if you have any incident for which it has not reached you, there is some wrong information or you want to make any other query related to it, we recommend you contact the company through one of the ways that we show you in the last section of this article.

Where to make a complaint about a purchase

If at any point in the purchase process you have had a problem, you can communicate it directly to Apple so that they can help you to carry out the management or even file a formal claim if you need it. You can do it through the following ways:

  • Apple support website.
  • Through the telephone number 900 150 503 (free from Spain).
  • Support application on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Apple Support Developer: Apple

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