How to plan out of Office Send in Outlook

Everyone deserves a vacation or a little break from work. However, if you are on leave for a few days and are not available for customer care in the office, it is advisable to set automatic replies or out-of-office emails in Outlook. This allows you to let others know when, why and for how long you will be unavailable. You can also indicate who to contact when you are out of your office using Out of Office Notes.

You can easily set up and schedule your inbox from outside the office Outlook Web, Windows, and Mac apps. Unfortunately, you can’t do the same thing by Outlook mobile apps. In this post, we’re going to cover all three platforms and show you how to schedule out-of-office notifications in Outlook.

Schedule off Office Send in Outlook network

Outlook Desktop apps are fine, however Outlook web remains the most feature-rich trio. New features like Outlook Spaces lands on Outlook weave first and then stretch to other platforms.

How to set up automatic replies Outlook Network.

Step 1: visit Outlook on the Internet.

Step 2: Click the Settings icon in the top right and select Show All Outlook the settings.

Step 3: Select Mail in the left sidebar and click Automatic Replies.

Select automatic replies on the web

Step 4: Turn on the toggle key for automatic replies.

Automatic replies in Outlook-Activate web

Step 5: You can choose to start and end your answers at a specific time. Otherwise, they will continue until you disable them. Enable Send replies only during a certain period of time. Select start time and end time.

Step 6: Enter your personalized answer with all the relevant details and hit the save button below.

Send automatic replies in Outlook-Web

When composing an answer, you can Outlook’s rich text editor to create a perfect answer. You can also turn on Send replies at the bottom of the contact menu. However, we won’t recommend it because if you enable the option, only the saved Outlook Contacts receive an automatic reply. Others might miss the out-of-office reply.

Schedule off Office Send in Outlook Mac

Microsoft is currently processing two Outlook Apps on Mac. A new Outlook turn on Outlook App on Mac will take you to the New Outlook experience which Microsoft is planning soon.

The out of Office Function is only available in the old one Outlook Mac app. How to use it.

Step 1: Open that Outlook App on the Mac.

Step 2: Select Tools from the menu bar.

Select tools

Step 3: Click Out of Office.

Select outside the office

Step 4: Enable automatic replies for Send Account ‘Outlook’.

Here you have the option to create various automatic replies inside and outside your organization.

Automatic replies for Outlook Activate on Mac

Step 5: Select the start time and end time and click OK at the bottom.

Send automatic replies on Mac

Unfortunately that is Outlook The Mac app lacks the rich text editor for composing automated responses.

Set up automatic replies in Outlook window

On Windows we have the Mail app built into the operating system and the Outlook App that is part of the Microsoft 365 package. For the example below we use the Outlook Microsoft 365 app.

Step 1: Open minded Outlook on Windows.

Step 2: Keep the Mail menu open and choose File from the menu bar.

Choose a file

Step 3: On the info page you will find the option Automatic replies. Click on it.

Select automatic replies

Step 4: Enable Send automatic replies and select a start and end time.

Step 5: Enter your auto reply using a functional text editor and click OK at the bottom.

Automatic replies in Windows

One area in which Outlook for windows beats Outlook Mac and Outlook web is with rules in auto replies.

After entering your automatic reply, you can click on Rules and a special menu will open for you to set rules.

Select Add Rule and you can create different automation rules in Outlook. To the example, you can automatically forward certain e-mails to another e-mail address.

Add rule

You can also hire Outlook to automatically delete certain emails with marketing keywords. That way, you won’t be bombarded with hundreds of emails when you return from vacation.

Edit rules

Another scenario can be custom responses. Let’s say some customers are more important to you. You can add their email address in rules and set a custom email response for them. The reset will still receive normal automatic replies in Outlook. The possibilities are endless here.

Set automatic replies in Outlook

Setting up automatic replies outside of office hours shows your professional approach to your work. Your customers, customers and those you reach by email will be happy to receive an update by email. Follow the steps above and set up the vacation message Outlook.

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