How to Play Amazon Music Podcasts on Amazon Echo with Alexa

Amazon brings podcasts to its streaming music service Amazon Music . From now on and on your favorite device you can ask Alexa to play your podcasts. And all this without having to pay anything extra, because they will be available even in the free version of the service.

Amazon Music bets on podcasts

Podcasts are becoming one of the main claims for many platforms. Although it is true that Apple has been, practically since its inception, one of the maximum champions in this podcasting; During the last months we have seen how Spotify also got serious about competing with exclusive programs such as Understand your mind among others.

Now it is Amazon Music that integrates podcasts into its service and this is especially interesting for all those users who have a device compatible with Alexa. Because, how could it be otherwise, the idea is that it is through the company’s voice assistant that the vast majority of users request their favorite programs.

In addition, this would serve to give greater visibility to the service that is still unknown to many and who knows whether to achieve that a percentage of these users end up paying for one of the subscriptions that give access to Amazon Music and Amazon Music Unlimited . Although if you do not want or want to pay, you will not have to do it, because with Amazon Music Free you can also listen to them all without any limitation.

So, after a few months in countries such as the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico and Brazil, it is now Spain’s turn to see how the platform expands and begins to launch all that experience and learning. obtained.

Podcasts on Amazon Music and Adible, what’s the difference?

You have probably wondered what this arrival of podcasts to Amazon Music means when the company already had a podcast service like Audible . Well, really this second service that we have already available for a long time is not just a podcast platform.

Audible includes a collection of audiobooks that are also often produced by highly recognizable voices. At least for important titles like the Harry Potter Saga that have the narration of the actress and singer Leonor Watling. But not only that, there are also podcasts and they are again very careful productions that as such fall within the idea of paid podcasts.

The difference is that they are offered there thanks to the payment of the monthly subscription. An amount that is 9.99 euros per month, but that you can try for free for 30 days and up to three months free if you are an Amazon Prime customer.

Therefore, Amazon Music podcasts are the way to carry the program created by any user, regardless of whether they are an amateur or a professional of the subject. The only requirement is that you upload your podcasts to a server and add it to the Amazon Music catalog so that the service can serve it to those who are interested in listening to it from devices compatible with the service and Alexa, as well as mobile devices with the Amazon app Music or through the web version.

How to Play Amazon Music Podcasts on Amazon Echoes

If you have an Amazon Echo device, you should know that you will be able to play any podcasts available on Amazon Music on it. As we say, in any of the options that currently exist: Amazon Music Free, Amazon Music Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited.

The podcasts you play will also be synced to your devices. So you can start listening to them on your phone and when you get home or later, ask your Amazon Echo to continue and it will do so exactly where you stopped or stopped.

Now, if you want to know how to play an Amazon Music podcast on an Amazon Echo , all you have to do is the following:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your mobile device
  2. Go to the More option
  3. Then go to Settings
  4. Within settings, scroll down until you find the Alexa Preferences section and select Music and Podcasts
  5. Set the default service for playback
  6. Ready, when you order a podcast it will play it directly from Amazon Music

In case you have other podcast services configured on your smart device with Alexa, to play those that are on the Amazon platform, you would only have to specify it. For example, “Alexa, play podcasts from (insert name here) on Amazon Music.”

This specifying the service will be interesting in the future if exclusive titles arrive on the platform. Something that does happen in other countries, but at the moment in Spain did not close with anyone. Because they want to see how the service is received and because we understand that many of the great ones already have an exclusivity with some platform or do not want to close to an option as recent as this. As much as its speakers are the best sellers in the smart speaker sector.

Other Podcast services available on the Amazon Echo

Amazon is upping its ante when it comes to content within its streaming music service Amazon Music. With the arrival of podcasts, it will have more reasons and value to offer to users who decide to bet on it.

However, it is also true that it will not be easy because there are other better positioned services that can also be used in products compatible with Alexa. Something that, for example, the Apple HomePod does not allow and that can be a significant limitation for many, but also a way of forcing the use of its services.

Returning to the services, these are those of Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Two options that you can easily enable on your speaker just by installing the appropriate skills in your application. Once done and configured to give permission through your account, you would have done it.

So for options it will no longer be, if you like podcasts and you have an Amazon Echo you will be able to listen to your favorite episodes from the service you prefer or where it is available.

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