How to play YouTube Videos in the background (even when the screen is off)

One of the main drawbacks of YouTube is that the standard Android and iPhone apps do not allow you to resume audio playback when you turn off the screen, as can music and podcast apps. Fortunately, there are ways to hold on YouTube play without rooting your device or spending any money.

Much of YouTube’s content (like custom music, lectures, and the like) lends itself well to playing in the background as you won’t miss much of the accompanying video. We’ll show you how to hold it YouTube plays in the background with the screen off.

How to play YouTube With the screen off: Free options

If you don’t want to spend anything, try these free playing methods YouTube when the screen is off.

For Android: Firefox and Google Chrome

Android browser like Google Chrome and Firefox are solid ways to play yours YouTube Videos in the background. You can either search for the video on it YouTube through this browser, or jump straight from yours YouTube App.

For the first method, go to in your browser, then find a video that you want to listen to. With the video showing, tap the menu icon (in the top right corner of Chrome, or at the bottom left of Firefox) and press the Desktop site Option to reload the video in desktop mode.

Once the video starts playing in this mode, simply turn off your screen to continue listening to it like a podcast or audiobook.

When you find a video you like in the. want to play YouTube App already, tap on that share Option under the video and copy the link by tapping Copy link Opportunity. Next, open your browser and paste the copied link into the search bar to find the video. After the video page loads, follow the above process to play your video in the background in desktop mode.

To avoid changing the video every time it ends, create playlists on your YouTube Then log into your account on your mobile browser to play these videos one at a time.

Download: Firefox to the Android (For free)

Download: Google Chrome to the Android (For free)

For iPhone or iPad: Safari

Unfortunately with Firefox or Google Chrome on iOS does not replicate the same audio playback functionality. Even though they’ll play your video for a while (if you repeat the above process on your iPhone), eventually the video will stop.

Fortunately, Apple’s built-in Safari browser has this functionality. The method is slightly different from the one you used in Firefox or Chrome but for Android.

Open Safari and go to the YouTube Website by tapping in the address bar. Make sure Safari isn’t taking you to the YouTube app that could. When you are on the YouTube Website, open the video you want and tap the AA Button in Safari’s search console. From the drop-down menu, tap the Request desktop version Option and play your video. This method ensures that you can listen YouTube Videos with the screen off.

Alternatively, you can use the video link from the YouTube app and paste it into Safari. Repeat the other process described above for Android.

Either way, turn off your screen as soon as your video loads. Your video will no longer play, but don’t worry! Just open up Control Center (swipe down from the top-right corner on iPhone models with Face ID, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen if your iPhone has a home button) and you’ll see options for how to play the video and to control its volume and playback.

Press the game Button, and the audio will continue to play. You can now turn off your screen to continue listening.

Keep the paid option YouTube Play in the background

When you’re ready to spend some cash, you’re ready to play YouTube Videos in the background via the default setting YouTube App. This is the easiest and most reliable method as it is the official solution.

YouTube bonus

YouTube bonus , formerly known as YouTube Red, is YouTube’s paid subscription. The service costs $ 11.99 a month. Aside from an ad-free experience, it also gives you the ability to listen to videos while the screen is off or while using other apps, and even download videos to watch later.

sign up for YouTube Premium also gives you access to YouTube Music Premium, a streaming service that competes with Spotify and the like. When you are heavy YouTube For users who aren’t already using any other music streaming service, this is great value as most of the other music streaming services are $ 10 / month and don’t include any YouTube Perks.

We looked at what you should be aware of YouTube Premium before you decide whether to sign up or not. Opinions on the service are mixed, but it’s definitely a seamless way to listen YouTube Videos in the background.

Once you have subscribed YouTube Premium, you can resume playing videos when you switch to another app or minimize it YouTube. This works wherever you are logged in with your premium account.

Download: YouTube to the Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Other alternatives for YouTube in the background

If none of the above works for you, there are a few other listening methods YouTube in the background. They’re not that smooth, but can be worth a look depending on your needs.

Both are best done on your PC; You can then transfer the files to your device. One method involves converting YouTube Videos to MP3 file for offline listening. You can also use a website video download tool to download YouTube Videos and enjoy them at your convenience.

Monitor your mobile data

Regardless of which app you use, play YouTube Video consumes mobile data, whether in the background or foreground. Unless you have a generous data package, use this function sparingly or only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

A smart idea is to play the video on a Wi-Fi network and then wait a few minutes for it to be buffered before setting off. This can save you valuable data. Also, consider lowering the video quality – since you only hear the sound, you won’t be bothered by grainy videos.

The best ways to play YouTube When the screen is off

Google tends to take action against third parties YouTube Apps that improve functionality. Even if you can find such third-party apps, they are not reliable. To the example, a brilliant app called FlyTube for you to watch YouTube Videos as a floating window when browsing other apps, but Google eventually turned it off.

An iOS app called Songstream can also be listened to once YouTube Videos in the background, but this feature no longer works.

Currently, these are the most reliable ways of enjoying themselves YouTube’s content in the background when the screen is off. Don’t forget that there are other places to visit YouTube as.

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