How to Put the Time on the Screen of Android Mobiles

Among everything we consult throughout the day on mobile phones, time is one of the most important elements that no one overlooks. It is important to know if it is going to rain or if it is going to be a good day for many reasons and thanks to mobile phones, we have this more controlled than we could imagine years ago. However, there are those who have difficulties to see the time on the screen of Android phones and we want to solve the doubts.

It does not matter what brand of mobile you have or the model, since in all of them the steps are very similar. The process will be just as simple, fast and practical, offering us various data of our interest that may vary depending on the mobile phone purchased. The version of the operating system is not relevant either, since since the beginning of Android, this possibility exists.

No need to install any application

The first thing that many users do when they try to add the time to the screen of the Android mobile, is to think about installing an app that allows it, but nevertheless it is not necessary. The system itself already has an option that allows it and is available on all smartphones with the steps that we show you below.

External apps also have widgets that allow us to use them on the home screen, although these can lead to higher battery consumption for the mobile. As we need other active services, it is easy to find that the weather apps that are used on the home screen are consuming more battery than usual and for that reason we recommend opting for the options that the system already brings by default.

Add the weather widget on Android

We begin by learning to put the time on Android mobiles that do not have any customization layer, such as the Google Pixel, Nokia or Motorola that add minimal retouched options to the system. In this case we just have to go to the home screen and put your finger pressed on a blank space.

This will show us a series of options among which the Widgets will appear and among them we can navigate until we come across the Google section. Inside we will have the possibility of adding the well-known bar “At a glance” that provides us with the weather information on the mobile and other functions integrated with Google such as reminders.

Put time on Xiaomi screen

Xiaomi terminals with MIUI also integrate by default an option that offers us the time, but this time the process is somewhat different, starting by pinching the screen to access the Widgets. We will be able to navigate between them and we will come across the option of placing the time on the mobile screen with the help of the clock or in a more advanced way with the climate section typical of the firm’s mobiles.

See the time on the screen of a Huawei mobile

Huawei mobiles also integrate an option to control the time on the mobile from the home screen . You just have to pinch the screen, choose Widgets and the weather Widgets demons will appear. Among the list of options that there are, we choose the one that we like the most and we move it to a space that is large and empty enough on our mobile so that it remains fixed.

And in other brands?

Other brands such as Samsung, Realme, OPPO or any other that we can imagine, also offer us the option of including the time on the smartphone screen . In these cases the process is similar and it will not take us any complications, we can do it by pinching the home screen or by keeping our finger on it. In each layer of customization the style options will change, but the result is similar to all the ones we have known.

The weather widget does not appear on my mobile

In case we have followed the previous steps with the intention of putting the time on the mobile screen but nevertheless it does not appear among the available widgets, the first thing we should do is access Google Play to update all the apps. It is also important to visit Settings> System updates and check if we have new versions, which may allow us news like this, since as we have mentioned all smartphones have the option.

On the contrary, if after having followed all these processes and having tried to do it by all means, we can only turn to Google. The Google app that is possibly not on our mobile and that is why the “At a glance” option does not appear is the one that adds this option. We will only have to download this app and repeat the steps to place the widget. Then we can place it in the part of the screen that we want.

Without forgetting that in order to obtain the location it is important to access it once and give the necessary permits. If by mistake we have rejected them, we can enter Settings> Applications> Google and in permission to activate the location again. But if we prefer, we can do all that with other external apps that works in a similar way as we mentioned above.

How to check more weather details

Now that we have the weather widget present on the mobile phone screen, we just have to get more out of it. As you can see, it only shows us the current weather and the temperature in some cases, but we can know more about the weather in our town or city just by clicking on the time space in the widget.

This will display on all Android mobiles a space with the weather information for hours and / or days that will allow us to be prepared for what is to come. In each layer of customization the style is different, although the information is more or less similar in all Android smartphones.

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