How to quickly remove all pictures from a Word Document

When you need to quickly remove all pictures and graphics from a microsoft Word Document, it’s easy to use a built-in option to delete them all at once. That’s how it’s done.

How this image removal technique works

Microsoft Word includes a feature called “Find and Replace” that lets you find items in your documents and replace them with whatever you want. This feature allows you to find all the images in your document and not replace them with anything. This will remove the images and leave a blank where it was.

As a minor disadvantage, this technique also removes all charts and graphs from your document. If that’s okay then read on.

How to delete all pictures from a Word Document

To start removing pictures, open your document with Microsoft Word. From the menu at the top of the window, click Home. Then click Replace in the Edit section of the toolbar.

In the “Find and Replace” window that opens, click the “Find What” field. Enter the following in the field:


(Alternatively, you can click the “More” button and then select “Special” and “Graphics” from the menu. Word inserts a “^ g” for you.)

In this case, “^ g” is a special code that means “graphic”. This “graphics” tag contains any picture, diagram or graphic in your document. But don’t worry, you can undo this step later if you accidentally remove something.

Then click “Replace All” at the bottom of the window.

click "Replace everything" in Word'S "Search and replace" Window.

All images in your document will be removed. If you want to get them back, press Ctrl + Z on Windows or Command + Z on Mac to undo the removal process. Or you can reinsert images if necessary. Very convenient!

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