How to Quickly Setup HTTP File Server in Ubuntu 20.04

There are quite a few ways to transfer files over home network.One of the easiest ways is to run a single python command in terminal.

Python contains a script that sets up simple http server.No need to install anything, and even no internet connection required.

1. Simply right-click on the folder that contains the files you want to transfer, then select ‘Open in Terminal’

2. When terminal opens, run the single command:

                      python3 -m http.server

That ’s it!

Now any device in the same network can access the http file server by going to: https://server_ip:8000

In addition, you may run python3 -m http.server & instead to start the http server in background, so the terminal window can be closed.

To check your IP address, go to Settings> Wi-Fi (or Network), click on the gear button after your connected network and check the IPv4 Address.

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