How to Record Calls on Android Using Google Phone App

The Google Phone app first debuted on Google’s Pixel devices, but is now shipping as the default dialer app on phones from Xiaomi, Realme, Motorola, and others. With wider adoption, Google has also added new features to its dialer app that were previously missing, including call recording.

However, recording calls with the Google Phone app isn’t as easy as it should be. There are many limitations and caveats to be aware of.

Call Recording On The Phone App: What You Need To Know

  • The call recording feature in the Google Phone app is not available in all regions. It is illegal to record calls in some areas. If your local regulations don’t allow call recording, the feature will simply not show up in the app.

  • Call recording in the Google Phone app is available in India, select Asian countries, parts of the EU and other countries. The feature is not available in the UK and USA.

  • You cannot record calls while on hold or muted. Call recording only starts when a call is accepted, not before. It is also not possible to record conference calls.

  • Whenever you record a call, the Google Phone app plays a message: “This call is being recorded.” This message can be heard by all participants in a call. In certain areas, it is prohibited to record calls without informing the other about why Google implemented this feature.

  • You cannot turn this message off or mute it. When you stop recording a call, a similar announcement is played again: “Call recording has now ended.”

  • Third-party call recording apps don’t work in Android. So if the Google Phone app is missing the call recording feature, there is not much you can do.

How to manually record calls using the Google Phone app

Recording calls manually using the Phone app is relatively easy. All you have to do is press the record button on the call screen.

  1. Open the Google Phone app on your Android device and call the number whose call you want to record. Alternatively, you can answer the incoming call that you want to record.

  2. On the call screen, it should Record Opportunity. The first time you tap the button, a dialog box will appear warning you about compliance with local laws regarding call recording.

  3. Once you start recording the call, a system notification will play stating, “This call is being recorded.” This notification is audible to everyone on the call and cannot be muted.

  4. You can end the recording by ending the call or the key. to press Stop Button. If you stop call recording manually, a system notification stating “Call recording has now ended” will be played again.

How to record calls automatically with the Phone app

You also have the option to automatically record calls through the Google Phone app. You can set the app to record calls from unknown callers or calls from specific numbers.

  1. Open the Google Phone app. Tap the 3-dot overflow menu button in the top left corner followed by settings.

  2. Tap on Call recording from the settings menu. In the Always record section, you can either enable call recording for numbers that are not in your contact list, or only for selected numbers.

  3. If you choose Selected numbers, you have to tap Choose a contact and then specify the contact whose calls you always want to record.

  4. Regardless of whether you enable automatic call recording of a specific contact or unknown numbers, you will receive a pop-up warning prompting you to follow local laws regarding call recording. You will also be notified that the other party on the call will be notified that the call has been recorded. Tap on Always record to confirm your selection.

It’s comparatively easier to record calls on Samsung Galaxy phones because they don’t come with the Google Phone app as the default dialer.

This is how you can view and share recorded calls in the phone app

  1. Open the Phone app on your Android device and go to Youngest Tab.

  2. Every call that you have recorded is indicated in the call log entry with a microphone icon.

  3. Tap the call log entry of a recorded call. A mini player will automatically appear from which you can play or share the most recently recorded call.

  4. If you have multiple call recordings from the same contact, tap the story Opportunity. You will be given a detailed list of all the calls that you have made or received with that particular contact. All recorded calls are displayed as Listen to the recording Option below that you can tap to listen to the recording.

There is no way to access the call recording files directly using a file manager. You need to use the Google Phone app yourself to access all recorded calls.

How to delete call records

Deleting recorded calls from the Google Phone app isn’t as easy as it should be. You cannot delete call recordings directly from the Recent tab in the Phone app. Instead, you have to jump into the app settings.

  1. Open the Google Phone app. Tap the 3-dot overflow menu button in the top left corner followed by settings.

  2. Tap on Call recording from the settings menu.

  3. In the Recordings section, tap the Delete recordings Button. You can then choose whether all recorded calls should be deleted after 7 days, 14 days or 30 days. Confirm your selection by tapping Confirm from the dialog box that opens.

Alternatively, you can delete all recorded call files by tapping Now delete all recordings Opportunity.

Record calls while complying with local laws

With great power comes great responsibility. You may need to record a specific call for some work, but it is always recommended that you follow local call recording laws.

For privacy and legal reasons, you should always inform the other party that the call will be recorded. Also, keep in mind that just having the Google Phone app pre-installed on your phone doesn’t mean the call recording option is available on it.

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