How to remove Safari’s privacy report

Many companies and publishers run trackers and scripts on their websites to record the surfing behavior of their visitors. It gives them an idea of ​​what content the user is interacting with the most.

It would then guarantee the publisher a higher probability of user interaction as this content is curated according to the online behavior of the user. The result on paper seems to benefit both the editors and users.

On the other hand, users mostly receive content that matches their interests. But in reality, the benefits users generate come at a price – they compromise their online privacy. For this reason, many users prefer to browse in a safe environment where the trackers are not allowed to keep an eye on their online activities.

In this regard, Safari has done a pretty good job for ages, blocking third-party trackers and scripts on various websites. So far, however, all of the work has been done in the backend. But Safari made some adjustments to show the visual report through these trackers.

These reports include the names of the websites that you have tracked over the past 30 days and the total number of trackers that have run those websites. It also lists the names of the trackers they own and the number of websites they have left their traces on.

While Safari’s measures to prevent tracking are laudable, the same cannot be said of its reports. For some, it’s an unnecessary addition as they barely look at the details of individual trackers and their sites. Additionally, the data collection used to generate this report only adds more MB to the total browsing data.

With all of this in mind, many users want to get rid of the privacy report on their Safari browser. If you’re on the same page, too, this guide is here to help you out.


Disable privacy report on Safari

The privacy report is part of Safari’s privacy feature. If you’d like to disable it, you’ll have to technically discontinue Safari’s cross-site tracking blocking feature.

Here are the steps to turn off privacy reports in the Safari browser :

  1. begin the Safari browser on the Mac.
  2. click on the safari from the menu bar and select Settings… Submenu.
    menu It opens the settings window of Safari.
  3. Switch to the privacy Tab and uncheck the box for Prevent cross-site tracking Opportunity.
    Disable the Prevent Cross Site Tracking feature in the Safari Privacy Settings window

This will immediately disable the privacy reporting feature in the Safari Mac browser. When you start that Data protection report, you will then be prompted to enable the Prevent cross-site tracking option.

Prevent privacy report and home page with cross-site tracking

To disable privacy reports on iOS / iPadOS devices, you can click the Safari settings Side of the settings App and turn off the toggle key for Prevent cross-site tracking in the Privacy & Security section.

Disable Prevent Cross-Site Tracking in Safari-iPhone Settings

Remove the privacy report from Safari Mac

If you’d like to turn off the Privacy Report section on the Safari homepage, you can easily do so from the customization menu. It is not necessary to deactivate cross-site tracking in Safari’s privacy settings.

Here are the steps to turn off the privacy report display on the Safari Mac home page :

  1. begin the Safari browser on the Mac and go to the home page.
  2. click on the Adjust horizontal 3bar symbol is located at the bottom right.
    Safari home page with Privacy Report section and customization option The menu list for customization is displayed.
  3. Uncheck the box for the Data protection report Opportunity.
    Uncheck the box for the privacy report under Customize Safari Home Page

That’s it. Safari will no longer bother you with these reports on the homepage.

Safari Mac home page Privacy report removal section

Disable Safari’s privacy report on iOS

As with the Mac, there is a straightforward approach to disabling this feature on your iPhone home page. We can edit the homepage and deactivate the switch for the data protection report.

Here are the steps to hide the Safari iPhone’s Privacy Report section from the home page :

  1. begin the Safari iPhone browser.
  2. Open a new tab with Home and scroll down to the end.
    Edit button on the Safari iPhone home screen
  3. Tap that To edit Button.
    Safari iOS customize home page options with privacy report It will take you to the customization home page.
  4. Disable the Data protection report Toggle button.

This will immediately disable the Privacy Report section on the Safari homepage.

Safari iPhone home page with no privacy report

Conclusion: deactivate the data protection report

Those were steps to get rid of privacy reports from Safari Mac and iOS. Many users are not interested in knowing the trackers’ technical expertise, their presence on multiple websites, or their owners.

In addition, they do not want to be distracted by these regular reports and safely distance themselves. Since Safari is doing its job of blocking these malicious trackers, everything is well and good.

It is recommended to leave the data protection function activated in the background and to hide these data protection reports on the Safari homepage. It helps in data security without any inconvenience.

With that in mind, we round off this guide on how to turn off Safari’s privacy report. Please let us know how helpful you think Safari’s privacy reports are?

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