How to reopen recently closed tabs Opera Browser?

the Opera Millions of users around the world trust the browser. With its eloquent design and interactive user interface, it will become your personal favorite browser, just like me. It also has more speed than any other browser. I personally prefer Chrome and i love working on it.

There are times when I’m in a hurry or working excessively on something, and I do so by accident close a tab that I needed the most and later regret it. We may all have been in a similar life situation when we panic because we close Deadline or just stressed about something beyond our control. At times like these that Opera of the browser open closed tabs again Function is a salvation.

Open the last closed tabs again Opera you can easily open the tab that was mistakenly closed. This not only saves you a lot of time and effort, it also makes you stress-free. It helped my roommate when she was paranoid about accidentally closing her worksheet.

There are two ways to clear recently closed tabs on the. to open Opera Browser I mentioned. You can use both and become familiar with keyboard shortcuts as well.


Last closed tabs reopen on Opera

One of the easiest ways to get closed tabs in Opera to reopen is the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + layer + T (on Windows) OR Command line + layer + T (on macOS). However, if you are new to shortcuts, you can use the reopen the last closed tab Option from the tab bar.

Here are the steps to reopen the last closed tabs from now on Opera:

  1. begin Opera Browser on a computer.
  2. Go to Tabs bar above the search bar and right click to bring up the context menu.
  3. Choose Reopen the last closed tab Command.
    This will directly open the tab that you recently closed.

If you continue to click the Reopen the last closed tab or if you press the Shortcuts key, all recently closed tabs are opened again one after the other in the browser sessions.

Reopen closed tabs from the history

The ability to open a closed tab not only increases your productivity, but also saves time for yourself later that could be wasted searching for your closed tab aimlessly.

Fortunately, the Opera-Browser all browsing history logs unless you are in the private window or have cleared browsing history.

Here are the steps to reopen the closed tab from the history menu on the Opera Browser:

  1. begin Opera Computer browser.
  2. Click on Opera for the menu list.
  3. Choose story Menu.
    This will bring up a list of the websites that you recently closed.
    History menu option in Opera Browser
  4. Click to reopen the website or page from the history list.

Alternatively, you can also use the Opera rummage story Section by pressing Ctrl or Command line + H on your keyboard and click to open the closed tabs. The advantage of this method is that you can select any older website or page from your browsing history.

Conclusion: open the closed tab Opera

We all make mistakes when in a hurry or when stress looms over our heads. Often we can close the tab we were working on or could accidentally touch it while trying to do something else causing it to close.

At times like these that Opera Browser developers have given us an option to immediately reopen the recently closed tab without much effort. This can be done simply by pressing a few keys on your keyboard when you don’t want to go far home.

Reopen closed tabs in Opera browser has always come in handy to me when I’m in a hurry and make a mistake to close the most important tab.

Now that I know Opera’s last closed tabs function, I am less worried if this condition occurs now. However, I was helping my roommate who was familiar with this feature when she made the same mistake.

How often do you use the “Reopen the last closed tab” function on your Opera Browser?

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