How to rotate text in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint gives you the ability to rotate text to better fit the slide in your presentation. You can rotate text by entering an exact degree, or you can exit the text and rotate the text by hand. Here is how.

Rotating text manually is as easy as clicking and dragging the mouse. First, open PowerPoint and insert a text box by clicking the Text Box option in the Text group of the Insert tab.

Your cursor will turn into a downward pointing arrow. Click and drag your mouse to draw the text box, then enter text.

After entering your text, click and drag the curved arrow above the text box to rotate the text.

Rotating text by hand is good when you have an idea of ​​where the text should be without having to display the text to an exact degree. However, in some cases you can require the text to be of a certain degree. In this case you can provide the number.

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To do this, click on the text box you want to rotate and highlight it. Then, on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, click Rotate.

Arrange rotation option in group

A drop-down menu will appear with a few options for rotating your text. The first two options rotate the text field 90 degrees from its current position to the right or left. The next two options mirror the text field vertically or horizontally. To enter an exact degree, click More Rotation Options.

Invert text options

The Format Shape area opens on the right side of the window. Click the up and down arrows in the Rotation box to adjust the amount of text rotation, or just enter the measurement number.

The text field is now rotated by the entered degree.

Text box rotated twenty nine degrees

Now that you know how to rotate text in PowerPoint, you’re one step closer to creating the perfect slide for your presentation. Note that you can use the same steps to rotate any object in PowerPoint – not just text!

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