How to see which Mac model and year of manufacture you have

Typically, if you need support for your Mac or want to install an upgrade, you need to know the exact model and year of manufacture of the Mac you are using. Here’s a quick way to find out.

First, click the Apple menu in the corner of the screen and choose About This Mac.

A window will open with a summary of your Mac’s specs. Look for the first line under the macOS version name and number. It shows the model name and year of your Mac. In this example, the model name is “MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020).”

Modern Mac model names usually consist of the variety of the Mac followed by the display size and the time of year it was released. So you might see something like “iMac (Retina 5K, 27”, Late 2015) “or” MacBook Air (13 “, 2017).”

The Mac model name and year are listed in the About This Mac window.

(If you need more information about getting assistance from Apple Customer Support, Apple staff may also ask you for your Mac’s serial number, which is also listed in this window but is fuzzy in ours example For data protection reasons.)

For a more detailed view, click the System Information button just below the list of specifications.

Click on

The Hardware section of System Information lists the model name, identifier, and serial number of your Mac. The “model identifier” listed here is more like a Family name for a group of similar Mac models used for software purposes and is less specific than the “model name”.

Mac System Information Hardware Overview Page

When you’re done close “System Information.” If you need to check again, just visit About This Mac from the Apple menu. Very convenient!

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