How to Send Group Texts from Android and iPhone

Sending group texts is an effective way to get your message across to the masses. Even today with almost everyone you know uses an instant messaging service, text messages remain a preferred means of communication for many thanks to their simplicity.

If you want to send group texts from your phone, you’ve come to the right place. This post describes how to send group text messages from iPhone, Samsung and other Android devices. So let’s get started right away.

How to Send Group Texts on iPhone

Sending group texts on iPhone is easy and convenient with Apple’s Messages app. Read on to learn how.

Step 1: Open the Messages app on your iPhone. Tap the Compose button in the top right corner to start a new conversation.

Step 2: In the recipient field, enter and add the name of the contacts you want to send the group text to. Or use the ‘+’ symbol to search for and add people from your contact list.

Group text i phone

Step 3: Write the SMS as usual and click the Send button.

Send group text from i Phone

Note that if every recipient in your group is an iPhone user (with iMessage enabled), the messages will be sent as iMessage and will be protected by their end-to-end encryption. Otherwise, the message will be sent as an MMS or SMS message.

How to send group texts on Android

Most Android phones have Google Messages as their default messaging app. And if it does, here’s how to send group SMS on Android.

Step 1: Start the Messages app on your Android. Use the Start Chat button to create a new conversation.

Start chat

Step 2: Tap on the Create Group option and select contacts to add to your group text. Then tap Next.

Create a group

New bulk text

Step 3: Enter a suitable name for your group and tap Next. After your group is created, enter your message as you normally would and hit the Send button.

Add group names

Send group text from Android

After sending, each recipient receives the SMS individually. When the recipient replies to the SMS, you will see the reply in their conversation.

If you want to rename the group or add / remove participants, here’s how to edit your group text conversation on Android.

Step 1: Launch the Messages app and open your group conversation. Now use the three-dot menu icon in the top right to select group details.

Group text menu

Group details

Step 2: To rename your group, tap the pencil icon next to your group name. You can also add more contacts to your group by tapping the Add People button.

Edit group details

This is how you can send group texts from your Android. However, if you are a Samsung user, you have the Samsung Messages as the default messaging app on your phone. In the section below, we are going to show you how to send group text messages using the Samsung Messages app.

How to Send Group Texts on Samsung

There are several ways to send group text from a Samsung device, but here is the easiest one.

Step 1: Open the Samsung Messages app on your phone. Tap the Compose button in the lower right to start a new conversation.

Compose a text message

Step 2: Enter and select the names of the recipients you want to include in your group text. Alternatively, you can tap the “+” symbol to add recipients from your contact list.

Write group text

If you accidentally select the wrong contact, use the “-” (minus) symbol to remove it.

Step 3: After adding the recipients, enter and send your group text as you normally would.

Group text on Samsung

Once the group is created, you can send more text messages by opening this conversation.

To add or remove the same conversation, open the group conversation in the Messages app. Now use the three dot menu icon in the top right corner to select the Add or Remove People option.

Edit group

Add or remove people

It’s that easy. When a group member replies to your message, it will in turn appear in their chat thread.

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Group texts save a lot of time, especially if you want to send messages to the same group of people over and over again. Plus, adding and removing more contacts isn’t complicated. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and send these group messages.

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