How to set up and use chat in Windows 11

Microsoft toyed with the native chat idea with the Skype-inspired My People menu on Windows 10 and later removed it. With the upcoming Windows 11, Microsoft will integrate Chat (actually a simpler name for Microsoft Teams) into the taskbar. How to set up and use Chat in Windows 11.

Skype is no longer part of the standard apps package on Windows 11. Microsoft Teams is here to replace the Skype experience on Windows. The Microsoft teams spice up the chat. Let’s set it up.

Where is Chat in Windows 11?

After you’ve installed Windows 11 on your computer with compatible hardware, you’ll see the chat icon right next to the Windows 11 widget menu in the system tray.

Click on it and Chat will appear to propose contacts to you. Before you know how to use Chat on Windows 11, we should understand the difference between Chat and the Microsoft Teams native app on Windows 11.

What’s the difference between Chat and Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a full-fledged team communication app with voice / video calling and many other options. While Microsoft Teams supports chat, it’s not exactly a stripped-down version of Teams.

Both chat and Microsoft Teams are separate offers for different users. Chat is aimed at normal consumers, while Teams are more of a corporate proposition.

Chat app in Windows 11

Your conversations from the Microsoft Teams app stay in the same app. They will not appear in the chat. With the chat app you can sync your Skype or Outlook Contacts and invite others directly to join the platform.

Likewise, your chat conversations won’t appear in Microsoft Teams either. It’s a little confusing now. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft intends to further differentiate the two products.

How to set up the chat

While Microsoft claims chat is for the consumers, the Teams branding will confuse you when you sign up for the service.

The Teams name suggests that it was designed for group chats, which is not true. We’ll see how Microsoft removes the confusion for general users. However, Microsoft may change its name when Windows 11 becomes available to everyone.

How to set up chat on Windows 11.

Step 1: In Windows 11 you will see the chat symbol right in the system tray.

Step 2: Click on Get Started.

Start chatting in Windows 11

Step 3: Enter Your first and last name and sync your contacts from Skype and Outlook. You’re essentially creating a Microsoft Teams account.

Welcome to the teams

Step 4: Click on Let’s go.

Add first and last name

In a few minutes, the chat app will pull people out of the Teams app. You can click any contact and start chatting.

Chat in action

Chat functions

If you’re using Microsoft Teams, most of its features can be found in chat. Let’s take a look.

Text formatting

Users can use bold, italic, underline, highlighter, and other formatting tools to customize text.

Text formatting in Windows 11

Attach media

Click the little pin icon below and you’ll be able to upload media from the computer to send in conversation. Unfortunately there is no way to transfer files from. to involve OneDrive or Google Drive.

Send emoji and GIFs

Do you want to have fun while chatting conversations? The app has a special emoji and GIF panel to send your phrase without saying a word.

Emoji and Gif in Windows 11

At the moment, Chats is still in the children’s shoe and test phase. Things could change later. However, we don’t expect the pace of new features to be very fast.

How to turn off chat in Windows 11

If the chat symbol bothers you on Windows 11, Microsoft has the option of removing it from the system tray. Here is how.

Use Windows + I keys and open the Windows 11 settings menu. Go to Personalization> Taskbar and turn off Chat from the menu below.

Disable chat in Windows 11

Get started with Chat on Windows 11

Microsoft has offered an e-mail integration with the Skype-based My People add-on. However, the new chat is simple at best. We can only hope to see a similar feature in future chat updates. It’s now clear why Microsoft wants a normal user messaging app that looks just like business people. While the similarity in tones and user interface would be great, it can also confuse multiple people.

Considering that Windows 11 is still in the testing phase as of writing this post in August 2021, things may change when the final version of Chat comes out. So it is a good time to give feedback.

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