How to set up and use iCloud passwords on Windows

Apple’s ecosystem lock-in is real. You must be using Apple hardware to get the most out of Apple services. Over time, however, the company has loosened its grip and made its services available on competing platforms. Apple Music on Android and iCloud on Windows are current examples of current practice. And with the latest iCloud update, Apple is introducing iCloud passwords for Windows. How to use it.

iCloud Keychain is Apple’s built-in password manager that is shared across all of the Apple devices you own. Signing into apps and services is a hassle-free experience.

Before iCloud passwords were introduced on Windows, you had to export passwords to a file and then import them using a third-party password manager. This time consuming process is now over. You can now easily use and integrate iCloud passwords on Windows and with the standard Microsoft Edge Browser.

Set up iCloud password on Windows

Apple hasn’t launched a separate app on Windows that allows users to access passwords stored in the iCloud Keychain. iCloud Passwords is a part of iCloud. You need to use the iCloud app to enable iCloud passwords on Windows. There is no separate app for this in the Microsoft Store.

Apple has switched passwords in the iCloud app under Windows.

Let’s set up iCloud and access passwords on Windows.

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Store app on Windows.

Step 2: Find iCloud and download the app on your Windows computer.

iCloud weighs around 550MB on Windows. Use a fast internet connection to download the app to your computer. Since you downloaded the iCloud app from the Microsoft Store, you don’t need to go through an installation process.

Download iCloud

Step 3: Open the iCloud app and sign in with your Apple account credentials.

Add Apple ID password

Apple will ask you to verify your identity by adding a verification code. The company will send you this code on other Apple devices with the same Apple ID.

Step 4: Enter Enter the verification code and click the Next button.

Enter    Verification code for iCloud

That’s it. iCloud home is ready to serve you. You will see your iCloud drive, photos, email, contacts, calendar, Safari bookmarks, and of course, passwords sync with the Windows device.

Password switching is enabled by default and you will be asked to integrate it into installed browsers on your Windows computer.

Select apply

Leave the Passwords switch enabled and click the Apply button below to apply the changes.

Use the iCloud password app

If the iCloud app is installed on Windows, you have now also activated the iCloud passwords.

Press Windows Key and look for iCloud Passwords. Open the app and sign in with Windows Hello authentication. If your Windows device lacks Hello biometrics, you can also use a PIN to access iCloud passwords.

Sign in with icloud passwords

In short, you need to have user authentication set up on your Windows device in order to access and use iCloud passwords.

If you haven’t set up such authentication, the app will guide you through the setup via the Windows Settings app.

In our tests, iCloud Passwords kept asking us to approve the app through the iCloud app. So we reopened iCloud and re-enabled passwords.

Icloud passwords home

Open iCloud Passwords again, confirm your identity and iCloud Passwords will sync data saved by the iCloud Keychain app.

ICloud Password App Overview

Surprisingly, Apple nailed the user interface with the iCloud Passwords app on Windows. It uses Microsoft’s fluent design language with a nice translucent effect in the sidebar.

Users can add new entries, edit the existing ones, copy passwords and even delete website data from the app.

Add new password

Unfortunately, there is no password generator that we get on Apple devices. In addition, there is no special settings page where you can change the duration of the automatic lock. By default, it is set to around two minutes. You need to log into the app regularly.

Use iCloud passwords with Microsoft Edge under Windows

A dedicated app is fine, but a browser extension is a must if you’re using a password manager. Follow the steps below to also install the iCloud Passwords extension Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on Windows.

Step 1: Open the iCloud app on Windows.

Step 2: In the Passwords section, select the Install Extension option next to the With Microsoft Edge Opportunity.

Install edge extension

Step 3: Use the download button to download the Microsoft Edge Add-on store on the web.

Download extension

Step 4: Click Get and add the extension to the Edge Browser.

Use the button

Step 5: Select the iCloud Passwords extension and it will ask for authentication. You will now get this code on your Windows computer because you have already set up the iCloud app.

Icloud passwords for Edge

Add code to activate the iCloud Passwords extension Microsoft Edge, and you’re ready to use iCloud password. Enter the login data in the browser.

Integrate iCloud passwords on Windows

The introduction of iCloud passwords on Windows can be a boon for someone switching from Mac to Windows. You no longer need to export / import passwords. Instead, set up passwords through the iCloud app and you can use iCloud passwords on your Windows computer.

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