How to set up or join Zoom Meetings on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

In the previous tutorial, we learned how to install the Zoom Meetings client on Ubuntu 18.04.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to join Zoom Meetings on Ubuntu 18.04 or schedule a meeting using Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting on Ubuntu 18.04

Each conference has a unique 9, 10, or 11 digit number called the conference ID, which will be required to join a Zoom conference.

If joining by phone, the conference call number provided in the invitation is required.

In order for you to join a zoom meeting, the meeting host must share the meeting invitation link with you. For example, the meeting invitation link looks like meeting ID

You can join a Zoom conference using an ad hoc conference ID or a conference URL that includes a personal conference ID.

So, to join the meeting, launch the Zoom app, or paste the URL directly into your browser, which will prompt you to open a link to the Zoom Application.

Attend a meeting with a personal meeting ID

Launch the Zoom application and click Attend a meeting Button and paste the personal meeting ID.

Scale Conference ID

Replace “personal meeting ID” with the host’s unique meeting ID included in the meeting URL and set the correct display name.

You can choose the meeting options listed for you. Click on Join Button to join the meeting.

Join the Zoom Meeting using the meeting URL

Paste the invitation browser and click Enter. This will prompt you to choose the application to use to join the meeting, of course you need to choose zoom. Please click Open link Button to join the meeting.

Join a zoom conferenceJoin a zoom conference

After adding music, you can select “Add Computer Audio” to use the computer’s built-in audio system

Scale audio settingsScale audio settings

After entering the meeting, you can invite others, share the screen for others to view, or exit the meeting by clicking “Leave Meeting”.

That’s all there is to the conference zoom feature on Ubuntu 18.04.