How to shutdown or restart Debian 10

This short tutorial shows two ways to shutdown or reboot your Debian 10 server or desktop using the terminal.

Using the shutdown command

Open a terminal and run the following command to shutdown the machine,

shutdown --poweroff

This will turn off the machine. If you want to cancel, you must use the -c switch along with the shutdown command.

Likewise, when you need to reboot, run the following command. If you want to undo the action, use the –reboot parameter.

shutdown --reboot

Reboot Debian 10.

Using the systemctl command

An alternative to the shutdown command is to use the systemd systemctl command.

Shutting down Debian 10 using systemctl:

systemctl poweroff

Rebooting Debian 10 with systemctl:

systemctl reboot

How to shutdown or restart Debian 10

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