How to simulate “matrix” screen display in Ubuntu 20.04

Want to see a scroll-like “matrix”-like screen on your Ubuntu desktop? You can easily run jobs via a command line tool called cmatrix.

CMatrix Based on a screen saver from the Matrix website. As you can see in the Matrix movie, the text flies around in the terminal. You can scroll lines at the same rate, or asynchronously, at a user-defined rate.

1. To install cmatrix, open a terminal from the application launcher and run the command.

                      sudo apt install cmatrix

2. Once installed, run cmatrix Command to start display:


You can press F11 to switch the terminal’s full screen mode on (off). Then press Ctrl + C (or q) to stop the process.

3. (Optional) There are some command line options. You can get it by running the following command:

                      cmatrix -h

Precautions when using Linux mode -l Optional, you need to switch to the TTY console (Ctrl + Alt + F3).

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