How to Stream Live with Your Mobile

Streaming is in vogue and, luckily, you don’t need a large team to launch your live broadcasts all over the Internet. One of the best things that mobile phones offer is the ability to record videos at any time and transmit them to a certain audience in an extremely simple way.

There are many ways to broadcast live from your phone depending on the platform you use. Virtually all video hosting services and social networks allow some type of live transmission from the mobile, although each one is focused on a specific audience.

What kind of streaming do you want to do?

The first thing you have to be clear about is what you are going to broadcast and who you are going to address. Today Twitch is the fashionable application but it is usually focused on streaming video games. With YouTube, for example, you will be able to broadcast any type of content and you will reach a larger audience, as with Instagram.

Facebook or Twitter allow more intimate broadcasts aimed at a closer audience, such as friends or family.

Streaming through apps


YouTube is one of the best platforms for live broadcasts to reach a wider audience. Since YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube videos rank at the top of search results. Also, virtually anyone can access and view a YouTube video.

  • How to stream on YouTube with your mobile : Open YouTube and press the “+” icon at the bottom. Select Broadcast live and accept the permissions if this is your first time. Then configure the video options and choose a thumbnail for your live broadcast.
    To broadcast live you must have at least 1000 subscribers, have no restrictions in the last 90 days to have verified the channel.


Increasingly fashionable, the go-to site for streaming games. on Twitch. To start a broadcast, just press the broadcast icon in the app and title the clip. After that, you can select a category for the content.

  • How to stream mobile games on Twitch : One of the easiest ways to stream mobile games on Twitch is to install an application that allows you to do so, since the mobile app does not allow it. There are several options available for iOS and Android. Some of the best options are StreamLabs and Mobcrush , which will allow you to stream directly to Twitch from your phone.
    Once inside them, select share screen to show what you are playing.


Facebook is ideal for anyone with a broad community behind them or for those who just want to broadcast to their friends and family.

  • How to broadcast live on Facebook with your mobile : To start broadcasting, open the Facebook application. Just under the field to add a new publication you will see a red button to broadcast live and direct. You can limit the broadcast to your friends if you want a more private broadcast or open it to more people. Also, you can choose to make a saved recording and post it to your feed once you are done streaming.


Unsurprisingly, Instagram works in a very similar way to Facebook. It is perhaps the app preferred by users to broadcast live since you can also add guests to your broadcasts. You have some controls on who can see the clip, and you can also add the stream as a story.

  • How to broadcast live on Instagram with your smartphone : To broadcast live on Instagram, press the “+” icon in the upper right corner of the application. Then scroll to the right until you find the “Direct” option. Click on the broadcast button and you’re done.


The Microblogging platform is designed more to broadcast informative content but you can use it for whatever you want. Of course, keep in mind that your followers or any user who reaches your tweet through a link or search will be able to see you.

  • How to broadcast live on Twitter with your mobile: Open the application and click on the icon to write a new tweet. At the bottom, click on the camera icon and select to broadcast live, accepting the permissions required by the app and add guests or send an alert to your friends.

Essential accessories

With a phone in your pocket, you always have a video-ready device close at hand. However, making a good live broadcast isn’t always as simple as point and shoot. The best thing is that you help yourself with one of these accessories.


Nothing looks less professional than watching poorly stabilized video. When it comes to stremaing with the mobile, the image must be prioritized and to avoid shaking it is almost mandatory to use a tripod or a gimble, essentially a stabilizer for a device to help create stable video content.


Audio can be the biggest challenge for live streaming through a mobile device. Generally, the built-in microphone can capture intrusive background noise that spoils the broadcast, but luckily we can buy cheap microphones for the smartphone that will help give the clip a professional look.


The great forgotten when it comes to recording video. Our shots must be perfectly lit as this will raise the overall quality of the broadcast and help us gain followers. If you really want to get it right, it doesn’t hurt to think about supporting the broadcast in a three-point lighting, with a light to the left and to your right a third light that illuminates the background.

Realizing that this is impractical, you can always purchase a ring light to mimic studio lighting.

Extreme battery

Devices are getting thinner, faster and have bigger screens, but their battery is still a drag. In addition, when it comes to broadcasting live, much more energy will be consumed than normal on the phone, so it never hurts to have an alternative energy source available instead of just the internal battery.

The ideal scenario is to be connected to a power outlet but if you do not have a fence, you can buy an external battery, with a capacity of at least 5,000 mAh, for your mobile.

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