How to stream Netflix video at 1080p resolution in Google Chrome

Even if you have HD or Ultra HD Netflix Plan, and your Internet connection supports high-definition streaming media playback, and Netflix plays at 720p resolution on a Linux web browser.
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera can play Netflix videos at a maximum resolution of 720p on Linux, Windows or macOS. The only web browsers capable of streaming Netflix at 1080p are Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge on Windows, Safari on Mac OS X 10.10.3 or later, and Google Chrome on Chrome OS only.

You can find information about supported Netflix resolutions on various web browsers by visiting the following links:

As a result, Linux users (of course not including Chrome OS users) are excluded because no web browser can stream Netflix videos in 1080p format on Linux.
Since Chrome OS can stream Netflix videos at 1080p, you might think that making Google Chrome play 1080p videos on any operating system is as easy as changing the user agent, but this is not the case because Chrome OS Different DRM implementations are used.
There is a solution to play 1080p Netflix videos on any operating system! Netflix-1080p Applies to Google Chrome. Regardless of the operating system, this extension forces Netflix to play at 1080p resolution. Firefox extension also Free (Based on Netflix-1080p Chrome extension), but it looks a bit problem For this Google Chrome extension to work properly, you need a Netflix plan that supports HD streaming and an internet connection capable of streaming 1080p video. As you may know, Netflix uses Widevine DRM in the Google Chrome browser, which uses software decoding. Therefore, when playing videos in Google Chrome on Linux, Windows or macOS, Netflix does not use hardware acceleration (Chrome OS has hardware Widevine DRM, which is what allows Chrome OS to transfer Netflix at 1080p without any adjustments) Cause), as a result, you may find that CPU usage increases and frames on old hardware may be lost. Therefore, please consider this before installing the Netflix-1080p Chrome extension.
In addition, for some videos, the initial load time may increase by 5 seconds.
One last very important note: Before installing the extension, you must clear your browser’s cache (“Clear browsing data” in Chrome settings). This is because even if the extension is installed, “the cached playercore will overwrite the modified playercore, and you will not be able to play 1080p.” After clearing the cache, make sure to use Ctrl + F5 to reload Netflix!

How to change Netflix video quality and check its 1080p

After installation Netflix-1080pTo ensure that Netflix videos use 1080p, you can press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S When playing a video, change the bit rate to the highest quality available. Now obviously you are not sure whether the video is actually played at 1080p (although you will definitely see the quality improve), but you can check the Netflix video resolution and bit rate by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D.
I’m not sure if there is a problem with the Ubuntu 18.04 desktop, or it simply won’t run on Linux, but Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D On computers that have Netflix videos loaded in Google Chrome, keyboard shortcuts do not work. But there is a workaround: Super Netflix The Google Chrome extension displays the options provided by keyboard shortcuts as buttons:Super Netflix extra button

Therefore, if you also encounter this problem, please install Super Netflix, load the video on Netflix, and then hover your mouse over the upper part of the video to get some extra buttons. Click the “i” button or right-click the video, you should see some advanced video information, including bit rate and resolution.
In the screenshot below, you can see the movies played on Netflix and the default bitrate/resolution when running in Google Chrome on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04):Netflix default video quality Google Chrome

This is the same movie, but after installing the Netflix-1080p Google Chrome extension on the same Ubuntu 18.04 desktop-please note the higher bit rate and video resolution (now 1080p):Netflix 1080p video quality Google Chrome Linux

Get Netflix 1080p from the Chrome Web Store

Note: Before installing this extension, please clear your Google Chrome browser cache, otherwise you will not be able to stream Netflix videos in 1080p format!

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