How to summon the Wither in Minecraft PE

Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular video games of recent years. The monthly flow of players is surprising, but many users still do not know all the secrets that Mojang’s work hides, which are not few …

One of them has to do with an all-powerful creature called Wither and that is considered one of the strongest enemies you can find in Minecraft. However, you will not run into it in a normal and ordinary way, but you will have to build a totem to summon it.

What do you need for it

For the Wither to appear you will need certain items. These are only available in the Nether , so to access you will need several blocks of Obsidian. Once you are inside hell you will need two elements.

The first one is the Arena of Souls , get 4 blocks of it. Don’t worry, it is quite easy to find around the castles. On the other hand, the second object that you will need is something more complicated to obtain. This is the Wither Skeleton Skull.

To get hold of them you must eliminate the wither skeletons that are generated in the Nether Fortresses. The problem is that they are very powerful enemies that cause us the decomposition effect when they hit us, which will cause our health to progressively decrease. Also, the probability that he will drop the item is not exactly high … worst of all, the summon requires three skulls .

Let’s do it

If you already have the necessary materials, it is time to bring the Wither. The procedure is really simple . First of all, you will need to place the Soul Arena in the shape of a ‘T’ .

After that, the only thing left to do is place the three wither skeleton skulls on the upper blocks. You must take into account two things: the first is that one of the skulls should be the last item you put; the second thing is that just when you deposit the last head in the remaining Soul Arena, the enemy will appear instantly.

When you summon it, you will have a few seconds to prepare, since it remains temporarily petrified until it fully refills its health. During this short period it is totally invulnerable, so it is advisable that you use different potions to increase your statistics.

If you defeat him you will get a Nether Star , an object that can only be obtained through this enemy and that will be of great help in the manufacture of the lighthouse.

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