How to sync Microsoft To-Do with Google Calendar

The organization of our tasks helps us not to lose sight of time and other important activities. While there are many options, you can give Microsoft To-Do a chance to keep things under control. With this simple app, you can easily write down tasks and to-do to better organize your day. Although this to-do app is supported on both Outlook and Office 365, unfortunately the tasks and to-dos cannot be natively transferred to Google Calendar.

That’s a setback to relying on Google Calendar to keep track of your meetings. Fortunately, the journey does not end there. You can, to a certain extent, sync Microsoft To-Do’s to-do items with Google Calendar.

For now, we’ll have to use a third-party tool like Zapier to sync the notes and tasks. The good news is that it’s a simple process and doesn’t take a lot of time.

How to sync Microsoft To-Do with Google Calendar. We also have an interesting trick, so don’t forget to read to the end.

Let’s begin.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar

As mentioned earlier, Zapier is the app that helps us keep the notes and tasks in sync and acts as a bridge between the organization app and the calendar app. Zapier is a workflow automation service that allows you to combine different services for an enhanced experience. In short, it brings the best of both worlds.

Of course, you’ll need to create an account with Zapier before we proceed. There are two possibilities. If you want to have the appointment name and time on your Google Calendar, you can use one of the available workflows (zaps) to get started. However, if you want to customize things like the date and time, you’ll need to create your own zap.

1. Simple method

Step 1: After signing in to Zapier, look for Google Calendar in the search box in the top right corner. Select to view all available integrations.

step 2 : Next, paste Microsoft To-Do into the search app text box to connect. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 2

In our case, we chose Add Quick Events.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 3

step 3 : Now is the time to connect both apps. To do this, add your Google and Outlook Credentials. Zapier claims that all login information is encrypted and stored.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2

Obviously you need a boatload of permissions for both of you Outlook and google account.

Step 4: Next, select the “Value” of the Google Calendar. In this case, this is your default email ID. When you’re done, hit Turn on Zap to well, turn on the trigger and that’s it.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 4

From now on, every time a new task is added to your Microsoft To-Do account, it will appear on your Google Calendar.

Because it is a quick event, it has the same date-timestamp at the time it was added. In addition, you cannot see any attachments. It’s a simple event and that’s about it.

But if you’re asking me if you just want the idea of ​​the appointment on your Google Calendar, then this method will come in handy.

2. For the adventurous

Step 1: In Zapier, look for Microsoft To-Do under Create your own workflow. Do a similar search for Google Calendar.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 5

step 2 : When you’re done, add the trigger and action for both apps. For example, you can search for or create an event, or select Create detailed event from the list.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 6

When you’re done, click the Try it button.

step 3 : Select your Microsoft account to set up the trigger. Next, add the name to the list. For the log, Zapier selects the names of the existing lists in your To-Do account to make your work easier.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 7

Click Next to test the trigger.

Once the trigger is successful, it is time to configure the Google account details.

Step 4: Under Action, select your Google Account and click Next. If you want to change the action, select a different action from the list.

Next, select your calendar from the list as shown in the screenshot below.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 8

Since it is a detailed event, you need to add a number of details like start time and end time. Just add whatever data you need. When you’re done, click Next and test the trigger.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 9

Once connected, click Turn on Zap to start the syncing process.

Now all you have to do is open Google Calendar on your phone to view Microsoft To-Do Sync notes with your calendar. Cool right? There may be a slight delay (1-2 minutes) before the task appears.

Note that it is imperative to take a test after adding the relevant details like end time or assignment text. The tool has a handy troubleshooting box in case you come across a hook.

Advanced settings

Most of these jobs are triggered automatically. But at the end of the day, no app or tool is perfect, and some days Zapier workflows fail to sync. And when that happens, you may have to trigger the job manually.

To do this, go to Zaps in the left pane to see all of the Zaps you have created. And you know what to do next.

How to sync Microsoft To Do with Google Calendar 2 961

Apart from that, you can also see other details like the success and failure numbers. If you need to edit the workflow, just click the edit button.

It’s a freemium app, and the free plan syncs up to 100 tasks per month. And the number of tasks increases when you upgrade to a paid app. After that, you can create multi-tiered zaps as opposed to the single-tiered zaps allowed in the free plan.

Hello automation

To-dos and reminders are key to an organized lifestyle. Because at the end of the day, our brain can only remember so much. But all of this makes a throw when all of your tasks and lists are scattered over a dozen apps. The method works as a sync between two very popular apps, and if you use both the above method proves to be a smart workaround to have it all under one roof.

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