How to sync WiFi passwords between Chromebooks and Android

The idea is simple: when you log into a WiFi network on your Android phone, your Chromebook automatically knows the password too. It works the other way too. The devices share the WiFi credentials as long as you both use the same Google account.

To use Wi-Fi Sync, you need to first connect your Android phone to your Chromebook. Set up the “Phone Hub” feature to connect your device (and to get access to some other convenient features).

How to use the Chrome OS Phone Hub with your Android handset

With your Android handset connected to your Chromebook, now we can get started with the Wi-Fi Sync feature. First, click the clock on your Chromebook’s navigation bar (known as the “Shelf”) to bring up the quick settings panel. Select the gear icon to open the settings menu.

Go to the “Connected Devices” tab in the Settings menu in the sidebar.

connected devices in the settings

Since we’ve already connected your phone, it will be listed in the Connected Devices section. Select it to continue.

Select the connected phone

Next, look for “Wi-Fi Sync”. The switch will likely be grayed out (as shown below). Press the “Chrome Sync “link to get to the settings.

choose Chrome Synchronize

Select the Power On button at the top of the screen. Now you can toggle the switches for anything you want to sync between Chromebooks. The only thing you need to enable for Wi-Fi syncing is “Wi-Fi Networks”.

turn it on and make sure Wi-Fi networks are enabled

Now we can go back to the previous screen and “Wi-Fi Sync” will be activated.

WiFi synchronization is activated

After you’ve turned on Wi-Fi syncing on your Chromebook, you’ll see a notification on the connected Android phone. It may take a few minutes for the popup to appear. Then tap the notification.

Tap the Android notification

Here you can activate or deactivate the function from your phone. There’s also an option to forget about the Chromebook entirely.

To get to this screen from Android settings, go to Connected Devices> Connection Settings> Chromebook.

WiFi sync settings on the phone

Wi-Fi networks and passwords are now shared between your devices. This should result in fewer passwords having to be typed in, which is always a good thing.

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