How to track iPhone from Android phone

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The price of the iPhone is high, and the matching feeling is also good. However, just like any smartphone, you can easily lose all data on your iPhone and it. Fortunately, now you can track iPhone online.

Today, the phone tracking application makes this possible. They allow you to track iPhone using any device (including Android smartphones). In this article, we will show you how to track iPhone from Android phone.

Can I track iPhone?

Yes. Although the iPhone is known for its security and difficulty in compromising, you can track it remotely. For this, you need a reliable phone tracking application.

We recommend using Cocospy as a leader in the phone tracking industry. To understand what it provides, Visit Cocospy here >>. Cocospy supports online tracking of iOS and Android devices. addition, Cocospy can track iPhone from any device (including Android smartphones). On an Android smartphone, you can use Cocospy Track the target device without accessing it.

Why Cocospy?

With Cocospy, you can safely use reliable phone tracking applications. Cocospy has attracted the attention of major media such as the New York Times. It has more than 35 kinds of phone tracking functions, making tracking easy. addition, Cocospy has more than one million users worldwide. Users range from parents to couples and business owners. Parents use Cocospy to track children ’s activities online, and business owners to track employees.

The following are some of the functions provided by Cocospy:

1. Location tracking

Cocospy allows you to track the whereabouts of the iPhone. It enables you to access your iPhone ’s real-time location using GPS and SIM cards. Cocospy provides you with detailed information such as GPS coordinates. addition, you can get detailed information such as Google Streetview and street address to find out where they are. You only need to log into the Cocospy dashboard with any browser in your Android phone to start tracking iPhone.

2. Call history and contact tracking

With Cocospy, you can remotely track call logs and contacts on the target iPhone. The application allows you to access the call logs of all incoming and outgoing calls on the target iPhone.

It provides you with information such as the talk time between the target iPhone and other contacts. You can even access contact details, such as the phone number, name, and even address associated with the contact.

3. Social media tracking

Cocospy has a social media spy tab that allows you to track the most popular social media platforms. It can track Snapchat and WhatsApp activities happening on the target iPhone. app allows you to track all the conversations taking place on these platforms. In addition, you can learn about all posts shared on social media applications. In addition to tracking social media applications, you can even track iMessages on your iPhone.

4. Keylogger function

Cocospy has an amazing keylogger function that can capture all keystrokes on the target iPhone. The keylogger allows you to monitor the login credentials that the target uses for various websites.

It records all usernames and passwords that target iPhone users use to access different websites. The keystrokes are grouped according to the applications they create.

5. Track browser history

With Cocospy, you can track the websites visited on the target iPhone. This lets you know what iPhone users can do online. It allows you to access all browser history and websites you have visited on your device.

Therefore, if the target iPhone user is on a dating site, you will know.

How to use Cocospy to track iPhone from Android phone

Using Cocospy, the process of tracking iPhone from an Android device is very easy. The following are the steps involved:

step 1: On your Android phone, visit the Cocospy official website to register for the service. Also, make sure to choose the software package that suits your monitoring needs.

Step 2: Configure the target iPhone. To do this, you need to know the iCloud credentials used on the target iPhone. After obtaining them, provide and click the “Verify” button.

third step: After setting the target device, click the Finish button to complete the setting process.

Step 4: Now, log into the Cocospy dashboard with your Android phone to start tracking the target iPhone. Use the credentials you used to create the account., Cocospy gives you unlimited access to the target iPhone. You will be able to track social media conversations and whereabouts of the target iPhone. All this is done remotely on your Android device.

Benefits of using Cocospy

Cocospy is a full-featured phone tracking application that allows users to monitor different areas. These are some of the benefits of using this revolutionary phone tracking application.

1. Unable to detect

With Cocospy, users of the target iPhone will not know that you are tracking them. The application runs with little system resources in the background to avoid affecting the performance of the phone.

Moreover, Cocospy does not need to be installed on iOS devices such as iPhone. Instead, the app uses iCloud backup to monitor the target iPhone without touching it.

All of this makes it difficult for the target iPhone user to notice your tracking activity.

2. No need to escape

Cocospy does not need to jailbreak the target iPhone to start tracking it. Unlike most iPhone tracking apps, Cocospy uses cutting-edge technology to overcome the need for jailbroken iPhones.

Jailbroken iPhones make users vulnerable to malware attacks. In addition, the jailbreak will invalidate the iPhone ’s warranty and make users feel skeptical when they realize the iPhone.

3. Security

In addition to ensuring that you do n’t have to destroy the target iPhone, Cocospy also provides another protection. It does not collect data from third-party applications to store on its servers. In fact, it does not have access to such data.

4. Web-based

Cocospy is an online phone tracking application that allows you to track iPhone remotely. It allows you to use any web browser to start tracking the target without installing any special software.

in conclusion

The phone tracking app provides the best way to track iPhone using an Android phone. Cocospy has revolutionary features and has been a leader in the phone tracking industry. If you want to track iPhone remotely, try Cocospy.

You can download this article in PDF format to support us through the following link.

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