How to turn Autocorrect on or off in Safari on a Mac

Safari for Mac has a feature that helps you make fewer grammatical and spelling mistakes, much like automatic correction on an iPhone. However, Safari’s autocorrect feature is far from perfect and often “corrects” things like usernames, passwords, websites, and other unusual words that you spelled correctly.

If you’d like to prevent Safari from “correcting” your spelling automatically, you can turn this feature off using the steps below. If you’ve never used this feature and want to try it out, we’ll also show you how to enable it.

Does Safari Really Have Autocorrect?

Autocorrect, better known as Autocorrect, is an iPhone feature that allows you to predict and correct text based on what your iPhone is trying to say. Safari’s “Auto-Correction” feature is quite similar, although not by that name. It also helps you check your grammar and spelling and correct them automatically.

Keep in mind that it isn’t as mature as Grammarly or other grammar checking tools, but it is enough to get you started.

Here’s how to turn Autocorrect on or off in Safari for Mac

If you’d like to toggle Safari’s Autocorrect on or off, to either start or stop Safari’s spelling correction, all you need to do is find the right option in the menu bar. Here’s exactly what to do:

  1. Open minded safari on your Mac.

  2. Click in the menu bar at the top of the screen To edit .

  3. Go to Spelling and Grammar .

  4. Switch Check spelling as you type , Check grammar with spelling , and Correct spelling automatically to enable or disable these features.

With this feature enabled, the next time you write in Safari, you may see a blue or red line under a possibly misspelled word. Other times, Safari will show you suggestions for the word you might want to write, or just change it for you automatically.

How to view spelling and grammatical errors in Safari for Mac

If you want to review your own work after you’re done, Safari also lets you manually view spelling and grammatical errors so that you can decide for yourself whether to replace them with Safari’s suggestions. That’s how it’s done:

  1. Open minded safari on your Mac.

  2. click To edit in the Apple menu above.

  3. Go to Spelling and Grammar .

  4. click View spelling and grammar .

Safari opens a spelling and grammar window that lets you know if there is a misspelled word anywhere in the text you are typing. Once you’re done with that, you can hit the x Button in the upper left corner of the window.

It’s time to fix your mistakes

Fixing your grammatical mistakes is easier than ever with Safari and its spelling correction tools. Best of all, you can toggle it on and off anytime so Safari doesn’t clutter your writing when you don’t need it. Then, if you want, you can practice and improve your grammar with the help of your smartphone.

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