How to turn off randomized MAC addresses on Android

For privacy reasons, devices with Android 10 or higher use a random WiFi MAC address by default. In some cases, you may want to turn this feature off. That’s how it’s done.

Why disable random WiFi MAC on Android?

For most people, leaving random MAC addresses enabled is fine. It’s a privacy and security feature that makes you more difficult to track.

However, a good reason to disable it is if you are using MAC filtering on your router. If your device uses a random MAC address in this case, your router will not be able to identify your device and you will not be able to use MAC-specific settings for your device.

If your router is configured to always assign a specific static IP address to a device on your local network, you will need to associate that IP with the MAC address of a specific device.

Why you shouldn’t use MAC address filtering on your wireless router

How to turn off randomized MAC addresses on Android

It’s easy to turn a random MAC address on or off whenever you want. Before doing so, however, you should know that different Android models and versions use different names for certain setting options. To the example, a OnePlus phone says “Wi-Fi & Network” and a Samsung phone says “Connections”, but they both take you to the same WiFi settings menu.

With this in mind, open the “Settings” app on your Android phone. On most phones, drag down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon to open Settings. You can also open your list of apps and tap Settings.

In the settings, tap on “WiFi & Network” (or “Connections” or “Network & Internet” depending on the device).

Tap on

Then tap Wi-Fi to view your Wi-Fi networks.

Tap on

When you see the name of your Wi-Fi network in the list, tap the gear icon next to it.

Tap the gear next to your WiFi network name.

Next, tap on “Advanced”. Then tap on “Privacy”.

On OnePlus and Pixel phones, select “Use Device MAC”. If you are using a Samsung device, tap “MAC Address Type” and select “Phone MAC”. If your device is different from the two, look for a similar option that says “MAC” and enable it.

In the menu, tap on

That’s it! Exit Settings and done. Make sure to follow this procedure for each Wi-Fi network on which you plan to use the phone’s actual MAC address.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, your device will also randomly assign the MAC address. Fortunately, you can turn this option off on your Apple devices as well.

How to turn off private WiFi MAC addresses on iPhone and iPad

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