How to Tweet Directly from the Debian GNOME Desktop Using the Tweet Panel

Tweet Tray is a desktop utility that allows you to tweet directly from your desktop without opening your web browser. This is a great utility for users who really need to tweet, but without any additional distractions like watching other people’s tweets, notifications, and other social media features.

In this article, we will explain how to install and use the Tweet tray utility to tweet directly from the Debian desktop. We will explain how to install Tweet Tray through both command line and GUI.

Please note that we have explained the commands and procedures mentioned in this article on a Debian 10 system.

Install Tweet Tray via command line

For users who prefer to use the command line to install, here’s the procedure:

Open Terminal from the command line by pressing the super-key on your keyboard and searching for the Terminal app by typing its keyword in the search bar. When the terminal icon appears, click it to open it.

Now in Terminal, run this command to download the Tweet Tray app using the wget command.

                      $ wget

Once downloaded, run this command to install the Tweet Tray utility.

                      $ sudo dpkg -i tweet-tray-1.1.3.deb

Install Debian Package in Tweet-Tray

You may encounter some dependency errors when running the above command. If so, run this command to force these dependencies.

                      $ sudo apt install -f

Fix dependency errors

The system may ask for confirmation by giving you the Y / n option. Press Y and then Enter to continue, after which all dependencies will be installed on your system and you can use the Tweet Tray.

Install Tweet Tray via GUI

To install Tweet Tray through the GUI, follow these steps:

First, open the following link to download the .deb package for Tweet Tray.

Then select the package “tweet-tray.1.1.3.deb” from the list as shown in the following screenshot.

Download Tweet Tray via browser

The following dialog will appear where you can directly save or open the package. Please select Save file option and then press Good

Save the Debian package to disk

By default, the downloaded package will be saved in your ~ / Downloads directory.

Now open your ~ / Downloads directory and find the downloaded Tweet Tray package. Then right click on the Tweet Tray .deb package and select Open with software installation option.

Open with software installer

The Tweet package in the taskbar will open in the Program Manager window, allowing you to install it from there. Click the icon Install button to start installation.

Start installing Tweet-Tray

When you click Install , the following authentication dialog will appear. Enter the required password and click Authenticate button.

Log in as administrator

The installation procedure will now begin, displaying a progress bar as shown in the following screenshot.

Installing Tweet-Tray

After the installation is complete, you will see the following screen. If, for any reason, you want to remove the tweet tray, you can do so by clicking delete button.

Package installed successfully

Launching and using the tweet panel

To launch the Tweet Tray utility, press the superkey on your keyboard and enter the relevant keywords into the search bar as shown below. When the icon appears, click on it to launch.

Tray icon for tweets

Alternatively, you can also launch the tweet tray on your system from the command line. To do this, run this command in your Terminal:

                      $ tweet-tray

Once launched, the following screen will appear on your desktop. Click the icon Login with Twitter button.

Linux Message Bar

Now enter the username and password for your Twitter account to grant access to the Tweet Tray.

Authorize the app on Twitter

After that, a 7-digit authorization PIN will appear on your screen. Enter this PIN into the Tweet Tray utility installed on your system as shown in the following screenshot.

Enter authorization code

When done, click on Authorize my account button.

You can now post tweets from a local application on your system. To post a tweet, compose it and attach any image you want using the image button at the bottom of the utility. After tweeting, click Tweet to post a tweet to your Twitter account. Hello Twitter

You will then receive a notification that your tweet was successfully posted.

Moreover, if you click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the Tweet Panel screen, you will see the following screen. Here you can configure various options such as enable night mode in the desktop Tweet Tray app, launch the app at system startup, log out and log out.

Tweet Tray Settings

That’s all! This is how easy you can install and use the Tweet Tray to tweet directly from your Debian desktop without opening your browser.

How to Tweet Directly from the Debian GNOME Desktop Using the Tweet Panel

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