How to unblock websites Chrome? (5 work tips)

For example, suppose you are trying to access a website through this Chrome Browser, but it cannot connect successfully or it simply refuses to connect. If this has ever happened to you, it could be because this site is blocked.

Now there could be many different ways of bringing this up. It could be blocked by your ISP or it could fall under the restrictive IP addresses and therefore the local authorities could prevent you from accessing this site.

In some cases, the system administrator at work or in schools and colleges can also block this site by changing the hosts file. Likewise, Chrome could categorize a site as unsafe itself and therefore deny you access. Sometimes Windows Firewall can act in a similar way.

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There could be a few other reasons, but the above are the most common. With that in mind, there are some practical workarounds to work around these restrictions or to unblock these websites from your website Chrome Browser.

Let’s look at each of them –


bypass Chrome warning

Chrome scans each site, and if it finds an unsafe or dangerous site, you won’t be able to visit it. Instead, you may be greeted with messages such as: Your connection is not private , The previous website contains malicious programs , Etc.

However, if you are pretty sure that this site is safe, you can hit the Progressive Button, and then select Next To Website name (unsafe) option.

While this is a temporary limitation imposed by the Chrome and you could easily work around it, but it is recommended not to. This is because there is a high probability that these websites are dangerous and could infect your PC with malware or perform phishing activities.

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Disable the Windows Firewall

Known for blocking malicious network connections, this built-in tool from Windows does a great job of protecting your PC from network threats. However, in some cases it can also give a false positive result. If this is the case for you, you can temporarily turn off the firewall.

Here are the steps to turn off Windows Firewall :

  1. Go over to the begin Menu and look for Windows Defender Firewall.
  2. Then click on Turn the Windows Defender Firewall on or off from the left menu bar.
  3. Choose Turn off Windows Defender Firewall under the Public and Private Network sections.
    Disable Windows Defender Firewall for public and private
  4. When that’s done, see if you can visit the website on Chrome Browser.

The above steps will prevent the firewall from scanning the entire network and not just your affected site. As a result, there is a possibility that your PC could get infected with malicious network programs. Hence, it is better to re-enable the firewall as soon as you can access the site.

Corrective action: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID in Chrome?

Remove websites from the restricted list

There is also the possibility that the site you are trying to access has been added to the blacklist, or rather to the restricted list in the Windows operating system. You can check this and then remove it from the list.

Here are the steps to remove the site from the restricted list in Internet Options :

  1. Go over to the Switchboard via the start menu.
  2. Change his mind to a state Big symbol and go to Internet options .
    Internet options menu in Windows
  3. Switch to the safety Tab, choose Restricted places and click on that Websites Button.
    Restricted site settings in the Windows Internet options This will bring up the list of site urls marked under Restricted Sites.
  4. Select the site and click Removed Button.
    Remove restricted site from internet options
  5. When you’re done, restart Chrome and see if this site is not blocked or not.

While this is a pretty nifty workaround, you may not be allowed to do this task in an educational institution or professional work area because the departments concerned have restrictions.

Make changes to the hosts file

In some cases, the network administrator can change the hosts file and block the sites that are not under their approved domains. To do this, they add the IPv4 loopback traffic ( to the host file, followed by the desired URL. While this may sound a bit technical, it is a fairly simple task to bypass it provided you have administrator rights.

  1. If you have the necessary permission, start that File manager on your pc.
  2. Now copy the position below into the address bar and press Enter Key.
  3. Here you should see the hosts file, right click and select it Open with> Notepad .
    Edit the host file in Windows Notepad
  4. Now scroll down to the bottom of the page and if you want something like that. Find www.example.with .
  5. Remove the entire line with the website url.
    as example, the following hosts file is blocked Facebookto unlock it we just had to delete the highlighted lines.
    Omit line from hosts file to unlock site
  6. When you’re done, use the Ctrl + S. Shortcut to save the file.
  7. Now restart your browser and check if the website has been unblocked Chrome.

If you cannot access the hosts file, it is because you do not have system level permissions. And that’s one of the main reasons why most of the users can’t do this optimization.

Use a VPN service

While a VPN service began primarily as a gateway to a secure connection, it is now used equally to access geographic content. When you connect your device to a Virtual private network another region, you can route your traffic through this VPN server. This makes your ISP believe that the data packets are coming from that VPN server and therefore you could easily access the blocked site.

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There are a few VPN services that you could go for. While most of them would ask you to cash in a few bucks, they also offer an initial free trial.

So it is better to take a look at the offers in a test run and then shape your purchase decision accordingly. Or you could try a VPN as well Chrome also extensions.

Bottom line: Chrome Unblock websites

With that we close up on this guide on how to unblock websites Chrome. We shared five different methods for doing this. In my case, it turned out that Windows Firewall was offering too much protection and blocking one of the harmless trackers.

This resulted in the site not loading properly Chrome. After temporarily disabling the firewall, I was able to access the site again.

If your site is restricted due to local authorities, you can always use the VPN service to access the site from another country or region. This also helps protect your privacy.

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So let us know in the comments which method worked in your case.

Finally, here are the recommended web browsers for your computer and mobile phone that you should try.

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Chrome window Chrome Mac Chrome iOS Chrome Android Firefox Linux
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