How to Update a Mobile Without Official Support

One of the most important reasons why a mobile may no longer be recommended occurs when it runs out of update officially and without support . This puts us in a serious bind, since we will be exposing the device to threats or viruses that will endanger files or information. But nevertheless, technology has a few tricks up its sleeve.

We are not going to find simple processes, but with a little patience and tomorrow, we will be able to continue enjoying our mobile even if the brand has decided not to update it anymore. To carry out this, we find two different methods, which allow us to have the mobile up to date without the need to make a new outlay.

Manually update mobiles

The first of the methods that are not found is only possible for those smartphones that have stopped receiving updates in our country. This is something that happens less and less often but it is a serious problem. Sometimes a smartphone is not updated again via OTA in a specific country but it is in others and that is when the manual update that we are going to carry out comes into play.

Get new updates for Xiaomi mobiles

In the case of Xiaomi smartphones, it is common to find other ROMs that continue to be updated beyond the global one, which is generally used in Spain. We will have to start a research work to find for some link the ROM with a more recent version, which are often found from the official Xiaomi firmwares website .

Once downloaded, we only need to use Mi Flash, the computer program that allows us to install new official ROMs in Xiaomi without complications. We will only have to make a backup copy of the files to avoid losing them, connect the mobile to the computer and access the fastboot to start the process successfully, so we will have official support for a longer time with the support of ROMs from other regions.

Update a Samsung mobile on our own

Samsung terminals can also be left without support in some countries and continue in others, which leads us again to resort to the Smart Switch tool, which could give us a surprise update or resort to manually installing a ROM with Odin. In this case we have to download the Samsung firmware from this website and then manage to update the mobile after saving all the files in case a problem occurs.

Steps to update a Huawei mobile without support

Those who own a Huawei mobile also have it very easy, because in this option we will use HiSuite both to check for updates automatically, and to install the latest version with the help of the renewed Huawei firmware . We will have to download the latest firmware of our model from the following website and then follow the steps to change the version of EMUI with the help of a proxy as we did to download the version of EMUI, but this time with the intention of getting to go to in front of.

How to update the other brands

In the case of the rest of the models, it is difficult to find a ROM that has official support in other countries, since its scope is not as great as that of these three main brands. Anyway, if we are able to locate an official ROM, we can always try to manually update an Android mobile from other brands such as OnePlus, Realme or OPPO, among others.

Update the mobile with a ROM

Beyond official updates and official ROMs, there is the possibility of installing an unofficial ROM. In specialized forums we can find many and varied for each of the models on the market, which allow us to have the latest version of Android on the mobile even if we have not had support for a long time.

To be able to continue enjoying an updated version on a mobile without this possibility officially, we have to go through a series of processes that are not simple.

  • Root access
  • Unlock the bootloader
  • Access recovery mode

After this process, we will have to insert the ROM in the mobile, to install through the recovery and be able to have the latest version on our smartphone. In the process it is frequent that we find errors or complications and in some cases we can even run into serious consequences that make us lose the terminal, so it is only recommended to advanced users or to test it on mobiles that have no value for U.S.

Find the ROM for the mobile

Once we are determined to get into the complex process, we have to find the ROM that will allow us to update the mobile without official updates . For this we recommend you visit the XDA Developers forum , where there is support for the main smartphones on the market several years after they are obsolete. But we can also trust and check the compatibility with some of the most popular ROMs, such as the chaos of the following:

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